How I Can Enable Or Disable Facebook Facial Recognition

On this occasion will talk about the social network that has more fan today and is none other than Facebook. All you know has an account and send your photos and videos through this platform. But so you can tag your friends in a faster way, allowing can take advantage of the facial recognition .

If, as you hear, and this tutorial will know How can I enable or disable the facial recognition in Facebook , in a very simple way.

How can on or Off the Face Recognition on Facebook

This is a feature that has caused controversy by the use without permission of biometric data of its users. What was an advantage, because with it you can tag any friends very easily and quickly. But also explains platform that uses this technology to protect their users a stranger use her profile picture.

But today, you can if you want, turn this feature Face Recognition since default is active in all accounts. It is for this reason that we want to introduce this tutorial. That comes with precise instructions so you can enable or disable Facebook facial recognition.

 facial recognition

How can I enable or disable Facebook facial recognition

So you can enable or disable the facial recognition in Facebook , you must do the following and I remind you that it is very simple to make and you can turn on and off as many times as you want without any trouble. Then go to start your page Facebook and must be signed by entering your email and password.

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When you have made the start of your session, we will direct you to the top in the blue bar where the icon is at your profile. But you’re going to the right side and you find an arrow. Clip make this icon and you deploy several options, but will select the Settings option.

You make clip and this action will take you to another window and it will see several options on the left side and the second block’ll find facial recognition. We clip there and do this we will present the settings facial recognition on the right side of the page or window.

Here you will find an option that recognition says facial and side a question Want to Facebook can recognize you in photos and videos If we want to enable this feature we must appear No as the answer to this question. And then we turn to the right to select the Edit option and then select the Yes option.

Deactivating the facial recognition in Facebook

If the desired contario is to disable this feature, getting as answer to the question yes. And then you do clip on Edit and select No to disable the feature and easy recognition is not performed. The procedure is very simple to activate and deactivate Facebook.

Remember that when you activate this function, each time you publish a photo or video . the information telling you that you’re likely to find you in this photo or video so you can label will be displayed. But if you do not want this function remains active to avoid labels, then you can turn it off without any problems.

We must remember that this feature could not disable before, but it has created a great controversy over the use of this application without permission of our biometric data. But now as I have told you what, you can do it and it’s not very difficult to access the settings. Just follow the steps that we explain here and not have the slightest problem.

 facebook facial recognition

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And so we completed more than a tutorial showed you how easy it is to make changes to the Facebook platform. And you could learn in time that I read you this article How can I enable or disable Facebook facial recognition.

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