How To Enable Or Disable Automatic Updates Of Facebook On Iphone And Android

 Facebook Application

Facebook is one of the most important social networks in the world, on this basis have versions on different devices, such as cellular iPhone and Android . If you want to know how to enable or disable Automatic Updates Facebook on iPhone and Android, read carefully the following tutorial.

on or Off Automatic Updates Facebook on iPhone and Android

Automatic updates of Facebook

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Many complain that Facebook is constantly updated at the worst times. Similarly some say they prefer the old versions of the application. Disable know why updates can be quite useful.

What’s more, turn off automatic updates of Android App is something we recommend for lot of applications because it certainly is not always necessary to update.

How to enable or disable automatic updates of Facebook on iPhone and Android

In the cell phone world there are two major competitors, the iPhones and Android mobile . Both devices have their pluses and minuses, the end is not more than the taste of each defining the buying is better. Either way both can use Facebook without problems.

iPhone Phones

Turn off Facebook updates iOS

The process to disable updates iOS is quite simple, either way you can not disable the update a single application. In fact the only way to turn off updates is completely disabling this feature.

Still, we believe it is the best optional, since not all applications have to be constantly updated. In this way can decide which applications and applications do not update if you want to avoid automatically update Facebook, read this information:

  1. The first thing to do is go to the settings of your iOS device. To do this press on the gear Settings of all life.
  2. A find time in the settings of your iPhone, you must locate the section iTunes Store and App Store . Click on this menu.
  3. On the next screen the various options you can set, among them is the section Automatic downloads are displayed.
  4. Similarly in this menu are options. Music, Apps, Books and Updates
  5. We recommend disabling all of these options, so you are not automatically or applications, books or other updates downloaded.
  6. In this way no longer automatically download Facebook and other applications on your system. For an update, the most common is that the application will notify you, so do not worry required.
  7. After the above have disabled automatic updates of Facebook. On the other hand if you intend to use the above method to have more space, however we recommend using these href=»»> , which will be much more useful.

    Turn off Facebook updates in Android

    Android is one of the operating systems on mobile most important with iOS. Similarly the Facebook application is present in this OS, and can also generate drawbacks to the updated automatically, there still a solution to this problem.

    In any case, as with the iPhone, can not disable a specific application, instead must disable all updates. Therefore, if you use this guide to have little internal storage space on your Android , know that there are other methods you can follow. Finally, to disable updates on your Android device, follow these steps carefully

    1. In the case of Android to disable automatic updates must open the Play Store app, ie the official store Google applications.
    2. Once you’re in the App Play Store , press on the three horizontal lines located on the top left of your screen.
    3. will display all available options in any way you want is configuration. Click on Settings.
    4. On the General tab find applications automatically update, press there. Default is enabled Only on Wi-Fi , in any case to disable automatic updates you must select the option Do not update automatically Apps .
    5. Follow these steps Facebook can not be updated automatically. Either way the application will notify in the event of any new updates, so that can choose whether or not to install them.
    6.  Turn off automatic updates Android

      Turn off Automatic Updates is not only useful for the implementation of Facebook , also avoid that space is filled uncontrollably. In turn will save data because they will not be consumed by an inopportune update.

      On the other hand, can this process with many applications, for example is valid disable WhatsApp automatic updates, although certainly this is not recommended, so it is necessary to assess the functioning of the application before taking this step.

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