How To Upload Videos Faster To My Facebook Account

 upload video fast

Now all the dumb has a smart phone with him at all times are recording or photographing any impact of their daily lives. But to do this, it is that they only do, to share with friends or contacts for any Social Network that allows you to easily upload videos or photos.

Get Up Faster Videos my Account Facebook

This is the case of Facebook that gives you the opportunity to do this. In this tutorial we will explain rise faster videos to my Facebook account.

We use this social rede to be the wider dissemination and use in the world and she will learn a very simple method to rise faster videos to my Facebook account Read for you know very well what the. steps to follow so that you become a real paparazzi Facebook platform.

 upload video

How to upload videos faster me Facebook

Then you will teach how to upload videos faster me Facebook and for that you must do the following. First thing you do is go directly to your Facebook account when you already started in . You’re going to lead paragraph or box where you are asked to write something, you select it by clip and you display a window with several icons.

Add photos or;

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On the left side you an icon, which the select will show the following information & nbsp appears a video to your publication. Clip do this icon, this action will take you to your files located on your PC. Must Search this video you want to share with your contacts or friends and then select to do clip in the Open option.

It is important to know that the videos that you upload to this platform, can not exceed more than 1,024 MB , otherwise your video will be charged. But accepts many different formats, among which may be mentioned, MP4 or MPEG-4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, among others. A Load your video, you just have to wait and show you the progress of the same, through the download bar.

Setting video options on my Facebook account

While waiting for the video to load, can be filling the information you are asked to publish it. Such as the title of the video, also Adding Labels video with video which is related in question. This will be the Basic tab and you can see it has more multiple tabs, subtitled, Advanced.

To continue setting will choose the Advanced tab, in the clip to take us to another window. And we will find the first option is distribution. Where are you going to choose where you want your publication is displayed. And you’ll have three options anywhere Exclude from the news section and Custom.

But it is preferable to select the option anywhere on the right side have another option with a checkbox. This option tells you “This video was recorded in format 360” This is where your video is done this way. If so you need to clip the checkbox to activate this option, if not leave it like this.

Also getting on top a Use option in several publications, this option allows you to publish your video in different Fan Page. But before you add these Fan Page if you have them, if so do clip and then click Settings. And to complete and can publish your video do you clip the top where you are asked to make a comment.

 post facebook video

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When you have done this you just have to clip the option Publish and you just have to wait a few minutes for the publication is made. And so there have learned so simple rise faster videos to my Facebook account.

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