Changing My Username In Tinder -Tutorial Step By Step

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The use of the internet has made communication much more fluid, connecting all people without of the distance that separates us . As time has passed these communications have evolved.

Previously, it was common share messages through emails. This at the time was an amazing thing because we could instantly communicate with others. But today all that is behind us.

With the advent of the Social networks now could interact in a much more fluidly with large groups of people. This thanks to advanced uses of information technology and visionary companies that have emerged with the passage of time.

How to change my username on Tinder?

Today not only day we settle to chat with other people in real time , but view their profiles, things they like, what they do, among other things. Social networks have allowed us to meet many people and come together as a society.

Among all this love plays a very important role, since being in constant interaction is normal for someone to call attention to us or we like. Following this there have been companies who saw the opportunity to generate income and contribute to this.

If the dating apps , today the most widely used worldwide is Tinder more than 5200 million users is the application dating most commonly used worldwide. Available for multiple platforms and constantly updated.

Tinder presents a simple interface to manage where we can interact with other profiles, view the photos and whether we like it or not. This application is designed so that when two people give each other Mach open a window where they can talk.

To access this application must sign in and create a profile with our phone number or create account countless phone. Once done this will show people that we can interest, these people are in our range or in our city.

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One of the data we create when we started session is a username . This one can see all the people to observe our profile picture, so we must have a name that suits us.

In the event that we do not like and wish edit , we can make performing simple steps.

Steps to change our username in Tinder

The first thing to do is open the application and log Tinder. Once we started our session we need to go to the top left of your screen and we click on the logo of the profile .

Now we observe our personal information as the current user name, profile picture and others. We we will go to the “Settings” marked with the logo of a gear and we click on it.

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We enter Tinder settings must now go down to find the “web profile» , then “Username” . In the case of not having any username we will ‘get yours’, select this option.

Now we will get a bar where it says /@ example . In the case of having no single user name will us to change our username do the following.

Select the bar, we erase our current user name, but delete. Now write the username you want to add to leave our Tinder account. We click ‘Confirm’ and tells us that the name was changed successfully.

Now, in the case of not have username and we will add for the first time, we click the bar without deleting anything, write the name user and select ‘Confirm’ .

We redirected to the settings section where you can see that the user name was changed successfully. If in the future we want to change what we can do in the same way.

Done this way we managed to change our username in Tinder easily and quickly by following a few simple steps. And if you ever get bored of this app, can delete your account at Tinder

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