How I Can Apply The Bonus Of Working Women And What Requirements Need To Meet

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women working link is an advantage in recognition of worthy effort and performance of Chilean women workers. It is granted by the State through the Ministry of Social Development in Chile, especially this bonus is to protect women from vulnerable families. If you are a working woman, we’ll tell you how to apply the work premium of women and conditions must be met.

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How – I apply Bonus requirements and female labor needs to fill

All you need to know about Bono Working Women

women bono work is a annual profit, but also application can progress monthly advance of the annual payment . You can access up to 75% of the full amount of the deposit, the remaining 25% is reserved for the annual payment or recalculation. The bonus applies to dependent workers as independent. The age bracket is allowed between 25 and 59 years.

The women work bonus is considered as ethical family income . Its purpose is to recognize the efforts of working women.

Those who experience inequality and other difficult conditions in the labor market. In addition, they must belong to 40% of Chilean families vulnerable. Ministry of Social Development is responsible for the measure are eligible to apply for the benefit.

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The amount granted depends on the income you receive and you start paying 2 months after the benefit applicant . You can pay in cash or through a bank account, will depend on the option you have selected the recording, and apply.

If you choose the cash option, you must go to the State Bank or ServiEstado. You must enter your valid ID to collect. All transactions are free and fairly simple to do.

An important aspect is that Bono Working Women is also paid to the employer . This is to create better conditions and better access to work for women. And encourage the workforce to include women workers and curb inequality.

How to apply the women work bonus

You can ask the working woman premium within a month of the year. The first thing to do is access the official website SENCE and select “postulated here. “

We will send a new window where you enter your password and RUT. If this is the first time you enter select “Save”. Registration is free and must complete all information requested access to apply.

The answer to the nomination application will receive e-mail provided in the registration. You can also perform a text message or by mail. Approximate answer is 90 days after the date of application .

requirements for the application

must meet certain minimum requirements and necessary documentation. The first requirement is to be employed dependent or independent and maintain pension and health contributions. In the case of dependent workers, these are the requirements:

  • Be between 25 and 59 11 months.
  • 40% belong to the vulnerable Chile, established by the Register of Social households (RSH).
  • Have a gross income less than 5 million 543 thousand 261 pesos in the year you receive your bonus.
  • must not work for the state or businesses with greater public participation at 50%.

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In the case of individual workers must meet the same requirements mentioned above. The only difference is that they have to prove their income annually over civil SII who requested the bonus Women Workers feisty r can then Review the website for condition when receive payment. Now you know all about the benefits, requirements and how you can apply.

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