How And When Do I Receive The Payment Of The Bonus Working Women After Your Request

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The woman suffered a series of social life and work throughout the history of economic differences. Especially regarding access to the labor market, he had to face inequality and denigration. Fortunately, there are initiatives to meet, such as bonuses and benefits, but perhaps you are wondering how and when to receive payment of the premium women’s work? Today we’ll tell you how and other things you need to know.

How and when to receive the premium payment after your request work of women

What is the work bonus for women and features

According to the provisions of the Act No. 20595 , the use of bonds and transfers are supported within the framework of ethical family income. As a result, families in extreme poverty can benefit from this advantage. The law also creates women’s employment subsidy.

In this legal framework, the link is created working woman, whose price initiative < strong> work, dedication and efforts of women . It specifically targets women belonging to families classified 40% of the vulnerable population. This selection is made by the social register of households (RSH).

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This bonus is an economic advantage which is given annually to independent or dependent workers. Is this an incentive for women heads of vulnerable households . The women work bonus is paid to women beneficiaries and also to the employer. The work is 2/3 of the premium and to the employer 1/3 parts.

This measure promotes hiring and condition of women particularly vulnerable . It is an incentive to fight for the rights of workers. The amount granted will depend on the income of women receive. Similarly, it is necessary that women who work continue with pension contributions and health.

Any additional information or complaint, you can visit the official website SENSE or by the regional offices of the agency. We also know that the work to implement premium Women can have other programs related to employment State; or receive the subsidy for youth employment (YES).

When the received bonus payment?

After completing the application of the women’s work premium, must wait a in 90 days to begin to pay . state of this application, you can view without any inconvenience on their official website .

This is the average time to get paid, because there is a lag of one. For example, in July the corresponding allowance is paid on the April income. The approval will be notified by email, text message or letter.

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Although it is an annual premium, you can receive monthly advances are deducted from annual income . Payment of the bonus money can be received by the State Bank or ServiEstado; presentation of valid ID.

You can also receive by bank transfer. To do this, you must specify how you want to register and apply for the benefit.

The payment you can receive for 4 consecutive years without being able to ask for an extension or expansion of the benefit . Must meet requirements such as age, being active in the labor market and a monthly income throughout the beach.

This advantage is recognition for you vulnerable workers are women. Not only in the fight for working conditions and equal quality of life.

If you meet the requirements you can apply for this benefici or &NBSP; receive payment of the women work premium. Visit and SENSE performs all the procedures for free online. In a few steps and you can start enjoying the premium and the incentive for your efforts.

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