How Seniority Premiums In Mexico Is Estimated Labor Settlement

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We all have a sense of security if we have a salary, knowing that he can support our family; However, you can after a while we leave our work and we call how much money it is time to service loans and that the laws we Amparan with liquidation; And Mexico . But you can just time how the premium is calculated seniority in Mexico. In this post, we want to help you determine.

How to calculate the seniority bonus Mexico labor Clearance

What aspect is of seniority bonuses in Mexico?

The compensation and severance are two aspects that include liquidation. If an employee is dismissed without justification, it applies to the first aspect. But for all these aspects, the employee must have the issue of proof of payment that is issued in the country.

Also, when you decide to leave because the employer has violated the agreement of work, even if this is done will be necessary at the request of lifting. In this regard, we can protect workers Articles 48 and 49 of the Federal Labor Law. In fact, in Mexico the employee also has the security institute and social services; to make requests.

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The second aspect, the settlement occurs when voluntarily decided to give up our work. Here we get the benefits we earn the right for the work we do.

Christmas bonuses, holiday and vacation get into this arrangement. If we have a savings fund is also included in the regulation. In addition, they should include us pay for days worked.

For the employer a compensation cancelarnos salary of three months is calculated based on the integrated daily wage. This salary disbursements with premium includes cash, daily quota, bonuses, housing, fees, or other benefit given to us to work. The seniority bonus is the second this field compensation .

What formula for calculating the seniority bonus in a labor settlement?

This calculation is done in a fairly simple manner. It is estimated that for each year of service in a work environment has accumulated 12 days of total wages.

To this is added the proportion of last year in this regard. According to the articles of the Federal Labor Law, the maximum salary for the calculation of the premium will be equal to two times the general minimum wage .

It may happen that the worker’s wages is greater than two times the minimum wage due to the geographical application corresponding to the workplace. In this case, the salary is considered maximum salary, regardless of the cancellation is made later.

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As an example of calculating seniority premium in Mexico . devengamos If a minimum wage of $ 70. By law, we must multiply by 2 to give us the maximum amount that would be $ 140 in this case.

Now think we lasted 2 years equivalent service just 24 days. To this we add a third year, the figure was 160 days ((12/365) * 160) Total 5.26 days.

In the final count, the number of former days would be 29.26 (24 + 5.26). Multiply that figure by $ 140 and get the total income of $ 4096.4.

It would be the amount of the seniority bonus that we get this sample of workers. Data for the number of bonus summarized like this:

  • general minimum wage (SMG) x 2
  • 1 year of service = 12 days
  • Proportion of the last year of work = (12/365) × (number of working days in the year)
  • seniority bonus = (SMG x 2) x (number of days)

Find out how the seniority bonus in Mexico is estimated at a labor settlement gives us security; but if the employer violates a lot of work, can schedule your appointment ISSSTE.   Through this position, you showed how you can make calculating your premium work. Hopefully I helped. We welcome your comments, do not forget to write.

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