What Is My Scholarship Program Card And Uniforms? How And Where To Use It?

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Keep in mind all the criteria on the map My Grant is very important, especially for people who receive help. This financial support for families with minor children.

What is the program My Scholarship map and uniforms? Where and how to use it?

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To be more precise, the Mexican government will apply this method only to families with students in preschool, primary and secondary . These should be in the database of public schools in the state.

Another support that the Government of Mexico offered at this time of crisis is the card guard – eat Finutil, giving users the ability to access services and products, even before use is recommended to check first what sites that accept it.

This origin because of the recession and economic problems in Mexico, due to pandemic or falls in general. The same program includes the delivery of 500 pesos for the “ Support of tools and school uniform in 2020 “.

Where card can use my scholarship?

It is essential that any business premises can use the My Card Exchange because it is a new program and is designed only for the useful purchase school.

So far, the authorities have reported that certified shops footwear prices, Office Depot, shoes La Vega, Chedraui, shoes León, Soriana and Casa Marchand. Also listed elsewhere as Gutiérrez stationery shop Neto, Zapatería The Borcegui, Lumen, Zapatería La Joya, La Eating, Almacenes Garcia and Orto Served.

You should know that companies are not as collect fees for using credit card . In this case, the Locatel report. 565811 or the secretary of inclusion and social protection (Sibiso) 53,458,256

How to use a map My Fellowship?

Using the Map My scholarship is one of the simplest things in the world because its operation is in the introduction to a store. In other words, the user will be your instrument payment certificates one of the items .

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In turn, must show the identification number or code identity of the young legal representative or the only key. Then wait a few minutes and it must issue a bill for collection.

At the time of delivery or opening of the instrument, and it will be fixed and consolidated the registration process. This is because is ready to be used immediately by the recipient .

When money money in my fellowship card?

The authorities said that all beneficiaries will have available money every first of the month to continue the program. Obviously, you can not be used in places or taken care valid for the purchase of school supplies.

In case of delay, it is mandatory to contact the entities and request. Then wait 72 hours to receive responses from authorities.

How can I check the amount of my card?

The process is quite simple, consisting only enter the official website of the program can also be done via the following link. However, you can enter the search engine “ My purse card “.

If the card accounts with guard – eat Finutil You should know that can also check the balance of your card by an application.

There will come a kind of shape where the income of the last 8 figures are in electronic valley next to the identification of young people will be needed. Should not proceed to place the INE legal guardian of the child.

You also have other options is the examination of the account by the system CDMX where you can develop social or legal procedures. Send WhatsApp entity message using the number 5546188959.


For cases with operational problems or failures, you can search for an answer or information by sending a report   [email protected]

The program does not include young people who are enrolled in private schools, or can be in the database community centers of Mexico. Abstention in these cases, and enjoy their aid in particular.

If you are in the family of workers or parent should know that medical consultations are somewhat difficult of access, but there is a possibility schedule a medical appointment by ISSSTE.

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