How I Can Check The Status Of Application And Payment Of The Bonus Of Working Women?

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The Institute of Social Welfare in a main element for the review and the provision of certain benefits such as Bono of women’s work. If you ask How can I check the status of the application and payment of the premium women’s work? , then this article is for you.

How – I check status of the application and payment of women work bonuses

How can I check the status of the application and payment of the bonus working woman?

Bono Working Women is a grant to help working women. This premium promotes employment for women since the incentive is also the employer. The advantage is seen as a reward for the effort for women who work every day to keep their vulnerable families.

Here we present all the information you need to know about Bono working women , the requirements for the bonus, the validity of the same and the means to verify the status of the application and payment of the premium.

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What is the bonus of women who work?

The women work bonus is part of a program called “ethical family income” that provides an economic benefit to working women to enhance their integration into the labor market and to provide a better quality of life.

What is the bonus of women who work?

The Women’s Work Bonus is cash grant to improve the income of women who now work dependent or independent.

Who can benefit from the woman at the bonus work?

Women should be between 25 and 59 , belong to the vulnerable sector of the country, workers are dependent or independent, not working in a company of the state or a private company which receives State contribution under 50% and maintain the provisional contributions and health.

How long the benefit of women working premium is received?

Bono received working women for four consecutive years from the month following the date that was requested. Once completed this period can not reapply because legislation does not provide for an extension of this benefit .

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How the payment of the premium is working woman?

Many women wonder how and when do – I receive the bonus payment Women work? Bono Working Women can be paid annually or monthly . If you prefer the monthly mode, you can receive monthly advances 75% of the total payment. The remaining 25% are given in the annual payment for the month of August.

How to claim the bonus of working women?

It is important to know the documentation bonus working woman. If you wish to receive this benefit, you must enter the site:í you will find a page that you access the application “ go to apply online “. Then enter your password and RUT Sence. If you do not have a Sence key must create one in

When you enter the system, all information requested and click “ Apply “. You must wait 90 days to know the outcome by e-mail, text message or by registered letter.

Check the status of your application

If you want to know the status of the implementation of the Bono Working Women you enter the site href = “”> where to find more details on the process and progress of your application.

Check the payment status of women working premium

If you want to check the status of payment of premium work Women can enter the website of the Social Welfare Institute at fps. Then click on the “people” or enter to this link option: to write your RIT. Finally, select the “requests” to see the status of your bonus.

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