How To Check Balance Omonel Soriana Card – See Bonuses And Benefits

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Today, Soriana offers many different bonuses and benefits its users through its many services seeking the total satisfaction each. These Services and benefits, is the Omonel Soriana, a map of the map is very comfortable to use for frequent users of Soriana.

How to check the Omonel Soriana card balance – Check bonuses and benefits

It really ends up being a much easier opportunity to get products and services to its branches across the country, once the person has in his hands the famous map Omonel Soriana start managing a balance is specified for previously. This banking service is so effective that even can check your nomic Soriana.

And, as usual, you must properly manage their balance by purchases, although it is possible to recharge the balance through Soriana Web services.

With just enter and web portal to refill and see the balance on the card, enough for more than one user, but this card comes with different profits extra.

However, when the user receives the card, it is always desirable that even the earliest possible active card and save all data on your site correctly. And even as can change your PIN at Soriana a very simple way.

This makes the map easier handling and therefore the user can perform all transactions Soriana branches with confidence. And on top of that, we’ll talk next; just follow the following tutorial so you can make all inquiries bonus and benefits that come with using this particular card.

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check the balance of Omonel Soriana

If you are a user of the card Omonel Soriana, begins the task of registering all data correctly. Most likely when you got the map, give you instructions on how to do it, which is extremely simple process.

But to check the card balance quickly at should do a little extra work: register a user in it. Record and runs the typical registration process, and once you’ve done that you can start managing your card on the site .

But should keep in mind that you also need to have a personal password, but you will get once you make the registration process user on the page, remembering that if you lost your username, you can click on the option that the user has forgotten when you go to connection.

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Food stamp benefits

As we said at the beginning, the benefits that come with using the card Omonel Soriana are many, but one of the most beautiful stamps often usually food. These food stamps allow you to access different producers and services at branches of Soriana.

If you are not familiar with these good, are a species of points earned every time you make a purchase at a branch of Soriana, and once you have good enough can exchange against various products and services.

You probably have been months and earn points you want to know how, which is a fairly simple process. If you followed the instructions of the previous point and you have a user in the Soriana page, all you have to do is log in and from the options query view you specific food stamps.

You can do it in minutes and it’s almost like checking the same balance, simply log in and go directly to questions of balance, which will leave it easy to spend patiently accumulated points.

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