How To Register For The Insured Or Annuitant As Claimant In The Imss?

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As an active worker is important to know the extent of your rights, and one of them is the safeguard and protection that gives you the state through the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS ). This article will show you how to register as a plaintiff in the IMSS.

How to register the pensioner and beneficiary insured or IMSS

When we speak of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), referring to one of the institutions related to social security, the most important, not only in Mexico but also in Latin America workers. The IMSS is involved institution equal to the Mexican State by federal government, employers and workers during .

On the other hand, the Mexican Social Security Institute is an organization with legal personality and Nbsp. This means that the IMSS is governed by its own rules and regulations, always tailored to meet your goals when protecting and enforcing the objectives.

With the Mexican Social Security Institute can also create a retiree map which is the technological tool that allows retirees to access pay stubs.

If you have a retirement brochure or want access just follow the steps below to download or download.

How to register as an applicant in the IMSS

Then, to show you the steps you need to do to register, namely to be the lawful owner of the Mexican Social Security Institute. At the same parents of the t rabajador: father, mother, wife or children

First, you should know the document you need to register as a beneficiary in the IMSS. These documents must be delivered in the original are:

  • Unique Population Registry Code (CURP). The data of the applicant or legal representative. Registration Document Social Security Number (SSN).

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  • valid personal identification document. Home. Photography, small size, color or black and white.

The key CURP be considered valid, original, must be submitted on paper bond issued by the office National Register of identification of the population and staff (RENAPO).

The registration process to register as a beneficiary of the Mexican Social Security Institute can do it in person at the Family Medicine Unit (FMU). Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:00 p.m. weekdays from IMSS.

You can also register online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through the web portal of the IMSS, go to the section and the signature, and can make your process totally free. Here’s how to register as a plaintiff in the IMSS.

Another document must also be sure and check is biometric IMSS .

Other beneficiaries

Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social can also enlist other beneficiaries, such as parents, spouses and children- These are the documents you need for registration as an applicant in IMSS:

For parents, requires all documents described earlier in this article, in addition to the birth certificate attesting affiliation as parents.

If it is the wife or husband, in addition to documents already mentioned, the marriage certificate . If the partner or cohabiting concubine is a document that proves they are 5 years or more in this state .   And in the case of children, the mentioned documents and the birth certificate


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IMSS: health and social protection

The IMSS is the institution of the Mexican state founded in 1943 with the fundamental objective of ensure peace of mind and stability to workers and their families . The risks for any eventuality or, under social security legislation.

The Mexican Social Security Institute is ensure the well-being of its beneficiaries, and it combines the main action of health, preventive medicine, medical research and administration huge financial resources to ensure the withdrawal of its policyholders.

At present, over 50 percent of the population of this country has to do with the benefits offered by the IMSS. Here are the steps for registration as an applicant in the IMSS .

If you need to access more information about the registration of insured and retired Oi nformation on how to access retirement flyer Just go directly to the page of the IMSS.

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