What Is The Phone Of The Issste To Make An Appointment? Appointment By Phone Or Internet

 used with the phone

Now you can use the phone for the appointment of the ISSSTE ISSSTE . This is to prevent people from leaving their homes, in addition to long tails that are usually made at the time to manage this process.

For these reasons, the Institute of Security and Social Services for the workers of the state opened the service to their successors to manage and make an appointment at ISSSTE online or by phone.

What is the phone ISSSTE to make an appointment – you appointment by phone or online

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Use ISSSTE phone to make an appointment

Before managing the process of to make an appointment – you should consider who can perform the procedure, the necessary documents to do so, follow the appropriate steps and how long it will take that.

Who can manage this process?

All pensioners, pensioners, workers or family applicant may request an appointment by phone or online. This will be the only thing necessary.

What are the documents required to make an appointment by phone or Internet?

Use the phone ISSSTE to make an appointment should have the RFC or taxpayer Federal Register or, failing that, with one or CURP Population Registration Code.

What are the steps to make an appointment by phone?

Arrange an appointment in the href = “https://www.gob.mx/issste”> through a phone call is very simple. Just follow the steps below. The first thing you need to do is use the phone ISSSTE appointment in Mexico City and the metropolitan area is 4000 1000 Option 1


 used with the phone

If you are calling from another state in Mexico must add 0155 in the previous number and appointment process based on availability of schedules. must provide the RFC or CURP the operator, and the names of requiring the appointment at the Institute.

After this you must set the date of the consultation, it will depend on the availability of the days in the office where he will receive a medical evaluation. Once ready this procedure, will provide a key, time and day of your appointment. This password should remain good, and to be present the day of the event.

The day of your medical consultation if it is the first participation because key file in the area   sent 30 minutes before the event. If, however, is passed over, just arrive 15 minutes early.

What are the steps to make an appointment online?

To manage a medical appointment in the online ISSSTE the first thing you do is enter the dating site programs. You just put in the search bar “ISSSTE New Appointment” and click on the first search result.

You must have your RFC or CURP to provide the page when prompted, and the full name of the person requesting the appointment.


 ISSSTE telephone appointment - you

Then you will see a calendar with the days marked in blue. These are the days that you have available. choose the one that suits you best. In addition, you should schedule your appointment at a time that is available.

Once you have done this page will provide the key with which you present the day of the appointment. It is important that you go up, because if you do not have at hand can not help you. At the same request by phone, you should arrive half an hour early so the first time you go to a query. If you have passed over, presents 15 minutes before enough.

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