Can I Apply For A Loan Coppel With My Cards? I Need Something More? – Requirements

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The Mexican company Coppel well consolidated in the market with his shop, was also certified as a bank in 2007. They usually offer a service under an inclusion plan. Then you’ll know how apply for a loan with your cards Coppel Other requirements you need to qualify for these loans .

then – I apply for a loan with my Coppel cards ? I need something more – Requirements

Cards with Coppel

Coppel was a significant amount of card programs. In mid-2019 about 28 million BanCoppel cards were counted. These are the cards available:

  • Ministry Coppel Map : As the name suggests, this plastic is used as payment in the different branches of Coppel in the country
  • .

  • Debit BanCoppel It is also known as “ effective digital Account “. It is a free savings account commission and the national currency. It allows both commercial and other Coppel stores and physical stores and online. He also called two variants account Youth account effective effective controls.
  • credit card Visa BanCoppel supported by Visa and can be inside and outside the country used in various stores and shops. There are also two credit cards, a gold and platinum. They are provided to customers to the invitation to prove financial reputation management and credit lines.

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Requirements for a loan to get a card Coppel

In the case of the departmental board is only necessary to have a Official identification . It can be a passport, registration cards of voters, professional license, among others. proof of residency is also required less than 3 months issued. May be a be a service such as electricity, water, telephone, natural gas or a bank account.

For effective account card, and identification and proof of address ; you must be 18 years or older. And they must sign the contract multiple banking products and services for individual collection.

These same requirements apply to apply BanCoppel Visa credit card. The only additional requirement is to have proof of income for about $ 4000 pesos . This is only necessary for people with no credit history recorded.

The credit limit granted in each of these cards may vary depending on the story credit of each client. It also takes into account the debt management, loans; and, in general, the balance of expenditures and how they are paid each.

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Meet all requirements for a loan with your cards Coppel

Once you have a card Coppel, you can request a personal loan. It also benefits of each card. Thus, in addition to the card, you must meet the following requirements:

The maximum amount for a personal loan, fixed deadlines, among other href = “”> are in its official platform, even for your convenience, you can apply online via credit . Either by, or using mobile App Coppel. You just need to connect and locate the option loans.

You can choose which card or plastic to receive the loan, if you have several. You can also choose the amount requested and the time to pay in the range. Do not hesitate, you now know how to apply for a loan with Coppel your cards. Take advantage of offers to you Coppel.

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