What It Is And How I Can Make An Appointment At The Issste? Very Easy!

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With the growing pandemic and the need to stay home to avoid contagion of Mexico State, involved some changes. Among them, you can now medical appointments for calendar     Internet ov phone IA   with the trial of the country’s health centers. Read ., You know how you apply can meet in the ISSSTE easily

what and how do I make an appointment at ISSSTE – easy

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What you ISSSTE?

Your initials correspond to Institute of the security services and social workers of the State . It is a governmental organization in the country of Mexico that handles much of the health sector. It is perhaps one of the most important because it offers security at 50 and 60 percent of the total population.

The ISSSTE works to support public sector workers in the federal government, health care and the benefits of social security. These benefits also cover states governments have concluded agreements with it.

Specifically, this organization aid workers and parents of these , government retirees and states. Who covered preventive health services, maternity care, physical and mental rehabilitation and curative care. In the labor sector, provides risk insurance, retirement policies, disability insurance and compensation for people of advanced age.

It was created in 1959 it has about 60 in government service. Today, it offers 21 types of insurance services and other services around a large network. With which they guarantee the protection of all its members before birth and even after death.

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The Security Institute and Social Services of the State, as the case, can get to respond to these situations . We also offers loans of different types according to your needs.

mortgage loans, housing finance, personal loans and spending on social services such as funerals, attention to the growth of children and activities that promote culture.

ISSSTE has multiple benefits and advantages for workers enrolled in.

How to make an appointment at ISSSTE? Find out everything you need just to reach

First, to access this dating service, you must have the right and have possession of the card dating , is given at the time of registration. , You should also high in terms of option rights. These requirements, and can make an appointment online through ISSSTE or phone so you can avoid the lines and stay home.

  • If you are a case of outpatient, you have requirements above – and have handy Unique Population code registry (CURP) or the Federal Register of Taxpayers (RFC) .
  • Enter the site of the ISSSTE and go to the “medical Cita” section there, enter personal data they ask for your membership can be confirmed.
  • When ensure that data is entered, the platform will give you a calendar with the days for you to schedule your appointment in the system and request an appointment at ISSSTE . Finally, a message will be sent to your mobile phone with the confirmed date for your appointment.

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You can request an appointment – you href = “https://www.gob.mx/issste”> again within five days after your appointment – you, provided that availability dates of the platform calendar.

You can also Schedule your appointment – by phone , especially number for the agglomeration and the other for the interior of the Republic. telephone service time is open Monday to Saturday 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. and Sunday 7am to-three hours.

If you made this request, on the day of your appointment must be 30 minutes earlier in the facility. Good to take in meeting virtually ISSSTE is that Hours of operation are consistent to the user 24 hours of the day every day of the year.

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