What Do I Need To Collect Unemployment Insurance? How To Collect Unemployment Insurance

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Currently unemployment to continue to rise. If we are of those we have lost our job, fortunately in some Latin American countries like Chile, we have the UI we protect workers unemployed or in a business. With this, we can count on the funds that we give a pause in the economic sense. What requirements should receive unemployment insurance? We know and you pass them soon.

What requirements must benefit from the unemployment insurance – How to Collect insurance – unemployment

Features   UI’s

The director believes that this insurance is the management Unemployment fund . If a worker is governed by the Labor Code, the government agency will protect permanent contracts. If we fixed term or the services we appreciate also the advantage. Unemployment insurance gives us several benefits that unemployed workers which we have access.

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It is a sum of money, family allowances, pension and health assistance, training and grants permission to access the national exchange of employment


Workers assigned to the AFC have an individual account severance, where employer contributes a monthly estimate considered for worker’s compensation. If it has a permanent contract must provide monthly 0.6%.

If quedáramos as unemployed in employment, we can have the money accumulated in this account . For them, every month we will turn this will depend on the percentage of pay. Also, if necessary, and we are on the day with the collections, we can go to the Solidarity Fund of unemployment, the bottom is supported by employers and the state.

Recaudos need unemployment insurance benefits

To use this assurance that the workers must be unemployed status . If we had a fixed term, have also accumulated the least six citations.

But if our contract was for an indefinite period, the minimum contribution is twelve quotes in the individual account . These are the necessary precautions for the charge insurance, either in person or online. but still must have calculated the percentage of each month this sure to bring a record.

In addition, we present documents confirming accreditation of employment which we were responsible. It might be the settlement, the letter of resignation or dismissal. In addition, achievable comparecimos documents showing that the labor inspection, a certificate issued by this organization we or a court judgment.

How do I get my unemployment insurance?

If you have Internet, we can benefit from insurance and access the official website of the AFC and heading to the virtual Management . We find a link to the collection security and we click ” apply”. We ask a security key that previously had to be created to fill in the necessary information.

 sign a document with a ticket for the next

Contact us and send documents to the review you expect. In three days, we sent an email where we will find if our application has been approved or rejected otherwise.

The UI also can charge for -face way. For this, we must go to the branch of the AFC, where we request documents and background needed to continue the process. If approved, we will notify the payment and the dates will be made.

If you think use accumulates all the conditions to qualify for unemployment insurance. In this post, since you have shown us and said how can I recover. This information may also be helpful to your friends, do not forget to share with them.

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