What Is Retired Card Imss? – All You Need To Know

 Greeting card retirees retired IMSS

Currently, retirees who are isolated cases provided coronavirus pandemic can access their pay stubs through the IMSS system. Therefore, this article will answer   What is the retired IMSS card? – All you need to know:


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what is the map of retired IMSS – All I need to know

What is the retired IMSS card? – All you need to know

Because of the health emergency by the coronavirus, Mexican Social Security Institute has suspended the procedures are usually performed in their offices or window. However, it has developed some steps such as greeting cards retired.

Here we present all the information you need to know about digital greeting cards retired IMSS, its usefulness, the process of recording and uploading tool web.

What you are IMSS?

The IMSS is the Mexican Social Security Institute . This organization is responsible for providing health and social security services to the enrolled population since 1943. At present, IMSS is considered the most important social security Mexican society. In fact, thanks to this organization, it is possible to save the insured and retirees to ensure equal footing.

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What is the map of the IMSS pension?

The leaflet retired IMSS, now called “Digital maps” is a technological tool that allows retirees to access pay stubs provided by the Mexican Social Security Institute ( IMSS).

This instrument for retired IMSS is part of a digitization policy facilitating access for active members and pensioners of the instrument using a computer or mobile device and Internet connection since the health risk due to the coronavirus.

What is the digital greeting cards retired IMSS?

digital greeting cards retired IMSS serves to to accelerate and facilitate the access process to pay stubs without requiring personally directed recipients to the IMSS to withdraw from the project law.

How to treat this instrument?

As happens when know what the UI , for processing digital greeting cards retired IMSS offers two alternatives: the access to the App Android device or access the official website at IMSS


Digital IMSS

If you have a device Android or MacOS You can access the digital brochure from the App available on Google   Play and AppStore. However, if you want to go directly to the official website, you should follow this link: digital map . Similarly in the works of the ISSSTE, so users can stay at home before to receive the service.

Construction of the IMSS

Registration card IMSS online digital retirement

If you are affiliated with the IMSS must enter the site and select “New user registration”. Choose “new record” and create a password between 8 and 10 characters. Then press the ‘Save’ to complete the process of registration in the system.

It is desirable to have on hand a large card payment IMSS because the system will ask you Serial Number and the date of your registration at IMSS.

Digital Download brochure retired IMSS

Once you register online, you must wait 12 hours for the system to send e-mail a link that will direct you to the site of the IMSS to check all stored information. Thereafter, the system will allow you download digital greeting cards , then ask for your username and password.

The system will present two alternatives: “File” or “E”. If you select “File” you see on the pay stub screen IMSS PDF ; However, if you choose “Mail” will document your email that you registered in the system. Click “payment card”, choose the month to review and press the “OK” button.

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