What Is The Issste In Mexico? – Institute Of Security And Social Services Workers

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Social security and health   They must be guaranteed the entire workforce. Therefore, the ISSSTE in Mexico provides services to help people effectively . If you ask   What is the ISSSTE in Mexico? – Institute of Security and Social Services, and then continue reading this article interesting


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What is the ISSSTE in Mexico – Occupational Safety Institute and social worker services

What is the ISSSTE in Mexico? – Security Institute and Social Services

The ISSSTE is an initiative that has been implemented in Mexico for 60 years to help citizens age old, disability, occupational hazards and in case of death .

The agency manages not only the social security of employees and former employees, as well as public health care. Here we explain what ISSSTE, what it does and the services it offers.

  Institute of Security and Social Services (ISSSTE) in Mexico

The Institute of Security and Social Services is a government agency in Mexico that handles Manage social security of the population and health care in cases such as occupational hazards, old age, disability and death. In this sense, public employees can appointment – you ISSSTE via the internet in order to avoid people queue to facilitate the process.

This organization provides services to the public sector as part of their benefits to industrial action. Initially, the ISSSTE had additional benefits, however, they became mandatory for the organization.

 ISSSTE Mexico

Origin of the Institute of Security and Social Services (ISSSTE) in Mexico

The ISSSTE was born in late 1959 under the administration of President Adolfo Lopez Mateos. This organization emerged from a bill was introduced in Congress. It was discussed, approved and published by the Official Journal .

The ISSSTE was the first organization to meet global demand Social Security with the health care and benefits (economic, cultural and social) to be extended to the families of beneficiaries.

What is the Institute of Security and Social Services (ISSSTE) in Mexico?

The Institute of Security and Social Services is used to provide social security to all workers, family members, retirees and pensioners of the federal government and federal agencies.

What services are offered by the Institute of Security and Social Services (ISSSTE) in Mexico?

It is important that public workers know what benefits ISSSTE. In context, this organization covers insurance work risk , insurance in case of occupational pension, pay for old age and disability and life insurance. Retirees receive health insurance including preventive and curative health care, maternity and rehabilitation (physical and mental).

It is important to note that it is possible to apply ISSSTE mortgages and funding enter buy a house. It also offers personal loans, funeral services and care for children in the cultural field.

 Hospital ISSSTE in Mexico

What are the requirements for appointment to the ISSSTE?

  essential requirement is to be employed or worked public or title have appointments – medical license granted to you by the entity during the registration and register with option rights strength

How the appointment in the ISSSTE is managed?

To manage the appointment in the ISSSTE, you must provide the Federal Register of Taxpayers or single population registry code and a series of personal data to certify the person using the system.

You can make an appointment assistant at the clinic directly via the Internet or telephone . If you choose the first option, you have to arrive early to the place, since registrants are served based on availability. For the phone, it is essential to participate in the consultation half an hour before the appointment to open a medical file.

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