What It Is And How It Works Unemployment Insurance? – Complete Guide

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At first unemployment insurance or unemployment insurance is insurance that provides economic benefits for the self-employed time. Itself is insurance that protects those governed by the Labor Code when the workers left without jobs.

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what – what is it and how the insurance – unemployment – complete Guide

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It should also be noted that those who should have this compulsory unemployment insurance are all contract workers Authorities with the labor code. Whether she is indeterminate, term or service. Importantly, the company must be after October 2, 2002 to benefit from this insurance.

Make sure to does not include workers in private houses under 18, pensioners, apprenticeship or self-employed. However, if the pension is granted partial disability if they can opt for this unemployment insurance.

Unemployment insurance: Find out what is and how it works

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It should also be noted that operates compulsory unemployment insurance because each worker has an individual account that he and his employer must contribute each month a percentage of their remuneration.

So at the time of being unemployed may choose to withdraw the resources accumulated in their individual account severance. They can also use the ” solidarity fund” if necessary, it will be with the contribution of employers themselves and the state.

Together, we must consider that the UI < strong> is funded by the worker, employer and status , you can consider a tripartite contribution. In addition, the estimate is made monthly will depend on the type of contract.

It should be added that the worker’s contribution with a permanent contract will be 0.6%. In addition, the worker shall not make some contributions if you have a fixed-term contract or work.

Then, the employer’s contribution is composed of 2.4%   taxable wages of the worker with a permanent contract. So, this contribution is payable only to the individual account of 1.6% and 0.8% balance between the distribution of funds is called “Unemployment Solidarity Fund” .

It should be noted that the contribution of 1.6% of the employer is a deductible allowance for years of service where the worker has a permanent contract and when it is fired without justification as “need business ».

In addition, workers with a contract or fixed-term work, will be a contribution of 3% from the employer. Also the contribution of the state consists of a monthly tax units 225.792.

Important information about unemployment insurance

 important information on unemployment insurance

Among the benefits provided by unemployment insurance are the Health (depending on the context that charges the worker). Also thanks to the National Employment Exchange and training grants, he   family support allowance and vocational rehabilitation.

It is important to mention that the worker can collect unemployment insurance depending on the balance;   because you can make monthly orders in your account that your balance allows


It also underlines that there is a monetary limit for the payment of unemployment insurance, the limit is based on the worker’s income. They range from $ 525000 up in the first month and then for months $ 78,750 .

Set of note that the bottom of “unemployment solidarity” is funded by the portion of the employer contribution (0.8%). This only applies to permanent contracts with contributions from the state defined by the law.

Also, its purpose is to fund the minimum benefits to members who do not have sufficient resources in their individual accounts at the time to be in a state of unemployment.

Finally, we hope this article has allowed him to help. However, we agrarian us know your opinion never receive unemployment insurance? Do you know the process of receiving unemployment insurance? Leave your answers in the comments.

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