What Is The Siiinafe Certificate And Serving?

Do you have questions about the certificate and SIIINAFE CANGOC? Then we recommend you read the following guide we will discuss everything you need to know and answer questions What is the SIIINAFE certificate and service?

For all these people in difficulty, probably CANGOC is an important place because it is responsible for providing the necessary tools to access appropriate education. Read the information below to learn more respect.

what the SIIINAFE certificate and what are the services provided?


When we use the term SIIINAFE, we refer to the Integrated Information System and the National Infrastructure Development Education . The project belongs to turn to CONAFE (National Council of Educational Development).

The SIIINAFE, is a project to improve the quality of the education of young Mexicans . The aim main access in turn to these places and difficult to access, so that the residents of these communities have quality education beyond their terms.

You could say while SIIINAFE is an educational program that for the Advancement magna principle of right to education and training of all citizens of the nation. Undoubtedly, it is one of the fundamental pillars of modern society, therefore their work is of exceptional importance. For this reason, teachers and students have advantages such as check payment href = “https://tdftips.com/descargar-recibo-comprobante-pago-portal-fone-seiem/”> to facilitate their transactions.



The project or SIIINAFE you work directly with the National Council of Public Education, a public body that it was created in 1971 and main objectives of promoting education in the villages and isolated towns and vulnerable nation. In addition, these communities can apply under vital state financial aid.

CANGOC is an institution of great importance in the Mexican reality, being responsible for the transmission of the basic principles of education in many cities and communities isolated and difficult to access. SIIINAFE born as a project within this organization and aims to broaden the awareness of education.

Meanwhile, CONAFE is more than 300,000 children living in difficult conditions . Thank you to the contributions of CONAFE, indigenous children, migrants or complex conditions have access to quality education.

What is the SIIINAFE certificate and service?

When it comes to voting SIIINAFE, reference is made to one of the many facilities offered by the SIIINAFE project for the correct identification of all those who belong to him. Undoubtedly, it is an essential tool for controlling all citizens who are trained in the CANGOC takes.

It should be noted that the so-called Certificate SIIINAFE/CANGOC is an essential and mandatory requirements to access multiple proposals CANGOC. It is for this reason that anyone seeking to be included in this great project, please organize this important document.


To process the certificate SIIINAFE

  1. To manage everything related certificate SIIINAFE between cnfsiiinafe .
  2. For procedures to the SIIINAFE certificate , you must be registered with the SIIINAFE project. Similarly, belonging, it is necessary to provide the document to access the different conditions.
  3. Once web above – is in the site, you must provide the “Control Number” and “CURP” , once providing this information, click on the ” search” button.
  4. When you enter the platform, you must have in your hands the following requirements: Federal Register of Taxpayers, exact address, and the name must be clearly recorded SIIINAFE
  5. .

  6. If you have questions about the platform, you can send an email to [email protected] .

What SIIINAFE certificate services?

The SIIINAFE certificate is an essential tool to ensure proper monitoring of all citizens belonging to SIIINAFE project. necessary to enjoy the many services and benefits it provides to the project over the CANGOC institution. The benefits of this project include the training and virtual classrooms offering scholarships to students.

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