I Have Taken A Money Fortnite Error – How Do I Request Reimbursement

The internet was amazing catalog of platforms creations can connect every point on the planet in a split second . Facilitating communication and globalized everything, there is no corner unexplored by the web.

The virtual station, each community expands, making the digital world , a new order. Imagination, take on the screens, leading to the player size.

World Fortnite

This game is fantastic and dynamic, is a product development company Epic Games imposing. Launched in 2017, positions itself as a favorite among the gaming community .

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And his whimsical plot to save the planet from a zombie invasion, generates anxiety and adrenaline by those who play it. However, in its Battle Royale category, competition is fierce, several players with purpose. Surviving

Although this game is completely free, the company Epic Games, raises millions of dollars by purchasing various accessories of the game.

It is important money these investments are entirely your responsibility . However, if you make a purchase in error or have you changed your mind about the item purchased, you can request a refund.

Error Product: Fortnite

video game companies, more and more of paris being directly proportional to user requests. Overcoming obstacles and expectations, and more than three million fans in the world, is Fortnite.

To enhance the experience, the platforms offer options for accessories, which can be done if the user allows. But what should I do if I have to pay by mistake?

Do not despair, this article will show you how to can request a refund , calming anxiety generated by this difficult and unfortunate situation.

Application Procedure repayment

It is important, the game gives the account, three claims . Once you’ve exhausted all the options, you can not order them again in any case. While caution should be used with intelligence and opportunities you need to bring successful repayment.

To complete the application should follow these short steps , which will make the return process while satisfying event.

  1. connected to the official website of Epic Games, and later in Fortnite your account, you please click on the main menu.
  2. Go to « Settings «
  3. Select » account and privacy»
  4. Change to the « Send request «
  5. Once displayed the list of the last items purchased, select who you want to come back.
  6. A pop-up with options «mistakenly Buy,» «unauthorized purchase» and «unexpected object.»
  7. Choose according to the respective cases.
  8. In the next window, select «Send back the request»
  9. Finally, two buttons are displayed, which warn the amount of statements you select the « Yes «.
  10. Done! The repayment was successful.

What elements can I pay?

Unfortunately not all obtained objects can be paid . It is important to know which products can be returned and in what time frame can be performed.

Each purchase must be made in Epic Games store if the acquisition has been made of it, it is impossible reimbursement do. Among the items you can return are accessories such as suits, tools, steles, hang gliders and loading screens.

The battle passes and levels and the V-Bucks and booty flames, they can not be returned because they are consumable and contain random price. The time you have to request a refund is thirty days. After that, you can not make any refund.

Let game!

Fortnite is a game of love thinking adrenaline and intense fighting. What do you hope to be part of this great community ?, Experience acute emotions and dynamism in combat. Are you ready?

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