How To Remove Anonymously And Blocking Voice In Fortnite? – Fast And Easy


Fortnite is one of the most popular games in recent times, because every detail of this is perfect (you can even take photos selfies in Fortnite ), but not everything is rosy, and there are certain something annoying features , for those same is that today see How remove mode and blocking anonymous voice in Fortnite?

If you have bothered you then have anonymously reached your specified guide, because here you will be shown how you can eliminate that parental lock so upset that you from enjoying the experience of the title of Epic Games altogether .

How to remove the anonymous mode and blocking voice in Fortnite?

Now, to start with the right foot and you learn as soon as possible to remove the anonymous mode and blocking voice in Fortnite, first you have to know is that both different are , so today the guide will be divided into two processes.

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If that has become clear to you, then it’s time to move on. First you will see how enable voice chat again if for some reason you have disabled , to achieve it begins to leave the game or open it as you normally would.

Right after this, go to the menu» settings», which is in the upper right corner of the screen, represented by an icon three blue stripes horizontal (if you are in console you have to press the action button) is pressed on having you display a menu of options.

Within the same, find the selection that is called «Parental Control» and press it . With this you will be sent to a place where you can put your parental control password, enter it (less if you’re of age pídesela your dad), and then press «Next».

iron man Fortnite

Then you’ll be on the menu of options for parental control, there You can disable the filter adult language, requests for friendship , the names of the players outside the squad, and chat.

where it says» chat», make sure the box is checked, in such case it is not, activate it by giving the mouse or by moving the arrow to the side if you are in console and go.

How do you remove anonymously?

With the above and answered the first part of the mystery How to remove anonymously and blocking voice in Fortnite ?, so it is when you see how to get rid of anonymous mode.

So that can happen to investigate more interesting things about this game, such as: How to change the Fortnite username?

The first thing you have to do is go back to the main menu of the game Fortnite (the same in the official game PC and the console obviously), once there hit» settings «and when you leave the options dale again to» settings «(the first option).

That will take you to another section in which you down you will find an option that says «anonymous mode» , oprímela to clear it, and if you’re on console, just give the arrow to one side and ready.

xmen Wolwerine in Fortnite

With that you know how to remove anonymous mode and blocking Fortnite voice, so you can proudly say you learned something new today, and this will not be a nuisance to you.

However, before you go, remember to keep looking information about the favorite title of Epic Games , because this game is sure to have saved a couple of surprises you do not know yet (you can benefit ).

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