What Things Do In The Creative Mode Fortnite? – Believe What You Imagine

 fashion Fornite creation

The game Fornite is shooting and is ready for the Battle Royale, where you faced on an island with 100 other players aimed be the last one standing.

See you in Creative Fortnite fashion – Believe what Imagines

His playing style, which you can construct buildings to protect and even fly helicopters, won the affection of many users as to remain as one of the current games on the market.

Its importance is such that, in 2018, he was consecrated as Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards 2018 . This made the game updates and keep shooting seasons, including the daily challenges assignments and many other interesting things.

One of the great innovations of this game was creative integrates a game where users can move freely and without time limit on the card to create all kinds of things.

In this way, it is possible to create walls, buildings, minigames using all the tools available on the island and can also obtain the skin.

 Fornite game However, there are many users who do not really know what to do and how to best advantage of this modality. For this reason, this article explain what to do in the way Fornite creation.

Visit different worlds in creative mode

One of the most interesting things you can do in the Fornite creation mode is visit different worlds available. enter this mode, you will encounter a region where there are many stones and gates and each leads to a different world.

In the gold gates will have access to all your registered cards, while other portals can access mini-games created by other users or by self Epic Games.

Creating Art Pixels

A is a totally free and open world can do all sorts of art creations style pixel Target Minecraft game   for a pixel art to open the color palette found in the inventory. This opens the Y button

The following will enter the cell that is the number of Part 2 of the inventory and therefore choose the color palette blocks . You must select the block with the button with which you shoot.

You can push, pull and rotate the blocks to build a number of unique designs and exclusive. The limit is up to you and your imagination.

obstacle course

is to create all types of structures ranging from floors and walls, platforms can then cross them with cars, airplanes, among others.

 Fornite map

It is great fun on race tracks and invite your friends to run with you. Can do everything, to place obstacles to the establishment of an air route where the aircraft must fly. This is a great attraction creatively.

Fly and create a better perspective

Another option offered by this creative way is to be able to fly to better control the area where we want to build and have an aerial view of our constructions. To access the flight mode must be press the jump button twice

Create mini-games to teams

Another great advantage of fashion design is that you can share with friends 16 in the same game with which you can participate in the creation of mini-games .

can invite your friends to join and complete mini-games designed four Team or simply build or show your friends your creations.

Place all types of floating objects

One of the most fun things you can do in a creative way is to place all kinds of objects suspended in the air.

To do this all you need to do is put on paid possibility of launching when objects are placed on the map, as if it will fall Auto to the ground.

In this way, all types of static objects remain in the air, so that you can build anything from an ice rink or a car, murals, flat – forms and scenarios for climbing or parkour.

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