How To Uninstall Fortnite On Your Pc, Ps4, Switch, Pc And Xbox Forever

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It is possible that listening to talk to many people about Fortnite including Youtubers, has given you download it curious and wanted to enjoy this game. However, at the end of this game and did not finish convince and you would not play again.

Uninstall How Fortnite on your PC, PS4, and Xbox Switch to always

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As no think again to play , you are only covering up valuable space that could be used for other things and decide to uninstall it, but do not know how. Do not worry, this article will show various methods how.

If you go to because a lot you can learn to lag reduce or remove the lag in Fortnite for PC, PS4, Android, iOS and Xbox Switch

How to uninstall Fortnite on your computer?

If accounts with the Windows operating system

This is done through the Launcher Epic Games . The first thing to do is work through the Launcher Epic Games, after that you start the program by placing if I icon on the desktop and double-click.

 Fortnite background purple for players starting

This will display a window where do you click gear symbol . Deployed a place where you should select the uninstall option menu and then confirm this action with the uninstall button.

Now, to uninstall Fortnite must click on the symbol of the gear and then click Options. In the menu that will appear to you then locate the Installation Options Fortnite , where you can decide whether to remove the additional client Fortnite saves the world to removing the check mark in her voice to the click apply.

is only to confirm the action by clicking Yes in the message Do you really want to delete the following components of your system? That way I can uninstall it and save memory space on your PC. The procedure is exactly the same if accounts with a MacOS.

If you do using Windows 10 settings

Doing it this way is also quite simple, you just have to access the panel in question and browse until you find the list of installed applications.

Now you must click on the Launcher (Launcher) Epic Games option and then press the option to uninstall. Now we just need to confirm this action by clicking Uninstall.

If accounts with a version of Windows earlier than Windows 10, you can uninstall the video game Fortnite using the Programs and Features panel. You can locate it by typing in the search box on the Start Control Panel and when you see the list of results you just click where your name.

In the window that appears you then must go to the menu and press Uninstall a program. Now locate the icon Epic Games Launcher and click right on it. Press Uninstall from the menu that will appear and then confirm this action by clicking Yes.

How to uninstall Fortnite in a video game?

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If you decide to install your video game Fortnite in one of your consoles and now do not know how to uninstall it because the ending was not the game you expected, do not worry then we’ll show you how to do if you count a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And if that’s not what you want can try Fortnite close the session at Nintendo Switch

PlayStation 4

When you install a game on this console, is added to the home screen, so you must act to uninstall Fortnite from it. When you locate symbol Fortnite on your console , you must press the Options button on the controller to show you the flyout and now looking at the bottom of the menu until you see the Delete option.

To uninstall must press the X on the controller and confirm the action by pressing OK and then pressing the X button again.

Xbox One

You will be able to place the game on the home screen and uninstall it must move with the arrow keys and hold the in the controller until the menu appears.

On the Manage add-ons option games and you press the button to direct you to the menu you need. Installed on the card should look Fortnite icon and select the option Uninstall all the A button on your controller.

It only remains to confirm this action by pressing the A button in writing desinstalació n all on the menu screen dialog. If you’ve had a bad experience with the game because you were not very good can learn the best tricks to improve Fortnite with control or keyboard and mouse .

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