How Fast Level Up Fortnite – Learn The Best Tricks And Secrets

 fornite game

is a Fornite   game constantly innovating and can sometimes become easier or more difficult to obtain objects, many turkeys , the unlocking achievements or level rise.

With each season comes a lot of new changes and one of them is definitely the way to The experience gain and level, being in this new season more difficult to acquire experience than in the past.

How to level fast in Fortnite – Learn the best tricks and secrets

However, there are certain methods and tips that could run to gain more experience in each game and be able to level faster.

In this article we will tell you some tips that we consider useful to gain experience in game Fornite, invest   your time better in each game.

In this way and with these tricks to gain experience faster get your games more exciting, funny and above all effective to quickly set several levels.

level quickly in opening chests Fornite

Each user has his ways to play and gain experience to gain one way or another, however, there is a way to 100,000 experience points per game. Definitely a trick that can outrageously good advantage in each game.

The way to do this trick is quite simple and basically trying to take advantage of the bar points Overloaded experience. This bar is located below the level and yellow.

main characters Fornite

This bar is usually purple if you are a regular player who plays every day; However, if you spend a few days without playing you will notice that when you connect again it will be yellow and experience are overloaded points.

In this way, we get a lot of experience discs boxes and boxes of ammunition. For this trick is more effective, it is advisable to fall in an area where there is none. A good place is snow zone.

We get so much experience and get points overloaded 1200 points to open a box of ammunition is a very high amount.

In addition, in the snow can open a lot of chests and also the helicopter so that you can more movilizarte raídez when the storm is closed.

Level up to get medals per day

The medals are a novelty introduced in this new season which aid can improve your experience increased headers.

 Fornite map

Can we get medals if we meet a number of objectives such as remove a certain number of enemies or win a play.

Every day, we get a lot of experience after getting several of these medals, as being a kind of daily challenges can earn up 24,000 additional experience points per day  .

The best places to gain a lot of experience

There are some places that are ideal for gaining experience as you can get chests and minions and work perfectly because they are away from areas where they are most players.

As we mentioned a great place to get experience in a simple way the area is snow, but also The cave can also accumulate a lot of experience.

To do this, you must participate in a single game since in scrimmage not thugs and you can accumulate as much experience.

In the cave, you can get a lot of experience by doing the following: There are 12 boxes to open, giving a total of 1,560 since everyone gives 130 points. The den has a boss and you delete get 165 points .

You can add 720 points for the nine thugs who are there because everyone gives 80 experience points. In addition, there are 10 boxes of ammunition that we would get 950 points. You can sign up and shake the minions and the boss and get 1800 points.

You can easily add a number of 8,000 points less than five minutes in the cave and you can repeat this process every game. This way, you can make a lot of experience points without much effort and increase your level, the faster you can combine tricks.

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