How I Can Change From One Region To Another In Garena Free Fire?

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It is no surprise that the game Free Fire is currently one of the biggest Battle Royale online there (at least for the phone). As such, it is logical that want to expand your gaming experience and do not limit yourself by region or country, this can change from one region to another in Gerena Free Fire.

In this way, you can play Garena Free Fire with friends from another region in a few steps.

To accomplish this we have created this guide which will show you step by step how to achieve change region without you block your account (as this method is entirely legal and accessible to any country ).

How can I change from one region to another in Garena Free Fire

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Learn to switch from one region to another in Garena Free Fire?

The first thing to know is, what it does Change region . As mentioned earlier, the Free Fire despite being a great game, has some limitations.

One is that only leaves you play with people from your region, this for the proper functioning of your matchmaking, however, nothing happens if we change it correctly. To change the region will need to use a < strong> VPN.

What it is a VPN and how we can change from one region to another in Free Fire?

The VPN is a technology that allows you to link multiple computers to a Private network using internet of course like all technology has many more features and one of them and that we care is to change where our IP is located.

Currently, there is a ranking the best and fastest VPN free navigation in Venezuela in case you want to know any.

free use VPN

To allow us to change our region will download an app first VPN (there are many in the playstore with lower or higher profits). Most app VPN have a functioning fairly simple, just enough to download it to your phone and « Open it «, then only have to give the « Connect «will appear.

However, remember to make a WiFi Speed ​​Test to make sure your connection does not interrupt the download process.

A the connect we will change immediately area, then just open the Fire Free (which should always be kept closed during the previous process), and voila, you are playing with people from other regions like the US or Asia.

reliable VPN?

As mentioned already there are many, but one of the best in the playstore would be totally free, hello Free VPN. This is one of the options used by most users to switch from one region to another in Free Fire, because unlike many others, we can change the individual IP and choosing the country you want.

To do this do only the following, download the application on the phone and « Open it » (keep the Fire Free closed), select the game and choose the countries on the list to change you, select < strong> «OK» you’ll settings on your phone and go to your Free Fire, click « Delete » cache back to the Free Fire and ready and will be playing in the region you chose previously.

Any option without using VPN?

There is another option to switch from one region to another in Free Fire, this is just simple but much more severe than the previous . We just write a message to the official website of Garena, where we ask the server change, you must place the reason and the region you want. change

 change from one region to another in Garena Free Fire

The worst of these consequences is that once the region changed hereby you can not go back to your previous region and worse, do not let you use VPN to play in other regions which eventually it may bring more problems than benefits.

Therefore we recommend you follow the step described above there are completely legal (since the VPN are legal in most countries of the world, so You proteges of bans accounts ). And so unleash competitive playing regions with higher rankings in the ranking of players.

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