Knows The Best Tricks And Secrets Of The Game Garena Free Fire

phone games have become very popular in recent years. One of the favorites of users is the free Fire . If you’re one of those who love this game these tricks and secrets of the Garena Free Fire will be very useful.

Learn the best tricks and secrets of the Game Garena Free Fire

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Free Fire went on the market in 2017, has since been part of the lives of many people, ranking among the highlights along with Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. To this day it has been downloaded over 100 million times only from the platform Google Play.

This is a game of battle, adventure and strategy where 50 players fall from an airplane on an island. There must get supplies and weapons to compete for the winning position after being the only survivor.

Tips and secrets of the Garena Free Fire

If you like the game and want to have more opportunities to be the only survivor follow these tricks and secrets of the Garena Free Fire that will take you to be the winner.

There are all kinds, from recover an account Garena Free Fire suspended until just reload diamonds free Garena Fire free.

Be the first

To be among the first to falling from the plane just lanzarte 3:35 minutes. This will be the first to go ashore firm and to collect the best resources.

Do not open the parachute

Do not worry, do not estrellarás the ground. That’s impossible, because the parachute opens only when you are already close to land.

Open it manually only will you lose precious seconds on landing that can cost you the victory.

 parachute on fire using free

Shoot only if necessary

The map shows the other players can see if you shoot in an area previously. This puts you at a disadvantage, because every time you fire leave a trace of your position what makes other users can easily find you.

Do not stay in one place

When you are looking for input, avoids stay standing. This will facilitate other players shoot from a distance. Always try to have the best weapons Garena Free Fire.

Also whenever you do not move in a straight line or in a predictable way, this way avoid being shot.

Watch your ammo

Do not waste ammunition unnecessarily. If you have an opponent on the ground you can use other weapon, as a Granada to kill it and so save bullets.

Similarly if the other player is hidden in a tree or building, you can destroy with Granada.

Use the camera angle to your advantage

One of the best tricks and Secrets of the Garena Free Fire is to use the camera for your benefit. So, when you go to do an ambush, hide from the left side, this position will make it easier to see the arrival of your enemies.

Enable ninja mode

This option allows you to move to silence giving advantage over other players who will not hear your footsteps.

This way you can run through the roofs of houses, go to them and take you by surprise other players. To activate the ninja mode simply crouch and then run.

 best tricks and secrets of the game garena free fire

Use the trees

If an enemy opens fire on you and you have trees near feel free to use them for cover. Fight back using the same, appearing on both sides of the tree firing randomly.

Get up faster

If you’re lying action to change position takes a few seconds can sometimes make a difference. To make it faster you only have to press the gun and press it while running away.

These are the main tricks and secrets of the Garena Free Fire. If you perfect, you take the easy victory.

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