How To Run The Free Fire Game Full Screen On Android Phones With Notch?

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Run Free Fire full screen on Android cell enables better gaming experience to the loyal users of the program. Garena Play Free Fire with a control console or PC will no longer be necessary Should you be using it for larger screen.

Since there’s nothing like experiencing this program in the all proportions to capture and appreciate all the details.

How to Run Free Fire Play Full Screen Android Phones Notch

However, on some models of new cell possess the famous “Notch” that is a physicist at the mica, and play it a little upset about issues using screen. Invite your friends to play Garena Free Fire could be affected.

Luckily there is a way to correct this problem, which is just a matter of Settings , which can be achieved from the same computer.

What is the notch and why Free Fire lets not play full screen?

The Notch, as implied above, is a physical element that is built into most new phones , and its shape will depend on the brand of the phone.

This is usually incorporated the front camera, and takes up minimal space in the top of the screen of the device (in the middle) to make corners and incorporate other graphical elements such as time and battery. Therefore, it is essential to understand what it is and how to hide the Notch on the Android screen.

That was in the beginning, today it is reducing as much as you can to not divide the screen into two as happened with previous models dating from 2018.

But the important question here is, how this element leaves not comfortably play the Free Fire fullscreen? The answer is very simple.

Because it is a set of commands, but develops into a phone, ideally take advantage as much space and view of the screen .

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When the game is executed, usually the cell hidden section of the screen in which the face is located with a black stripe, limiting it.

Which, although they think is ideal, it is not. The truth is that players prefer to have and use all the space we can to perform well within the application.

Therefore, this configuration does not fall very well among users of the Free Fire. Little do they know, it is that it is possible to correct this problem and use the entire screen .

How to eliminate the black strip that hides the Notch on the screen

To change this setting and Free Fire to play full screen, head to the settings of the device, accessed from the icon “ Settings “.

Within this, you will navigate to find an option that says “ Show full screen ” to be selected by clicking on it.

There, you should find a slide button with the following statement “ Adjust Notch Shape “. It should be disabled by default.

This option must be enabled to proceed with the configuration, as it will unlock another under it with the name “ Notch in single apps “.

To continue, you must enter this segment, which then show a list of all applications that are installed on the device.

You will notice that in each program line of the right side is the adjustment applied to each, which typically will be displayed in “ Auto “.

 start free fire explosion

This means that the system must determine how best to adjust the way it is to be displayed the Notch while the application is running.

Then, the following is to find the Fire Free in the list and select it by pressing on it to change the setting of “ Auto ” to “ Always show notch “.

In this way, the strip that appeared to hide the Notch will be eliminated, causing henceforth be able to play the Fire Free full screen without problems.

It is important to note that not all cell may have the same shortcuts. You may adjust the Notch is in the above section or “ Display & gt; Grinning ” or “ Display & gt; Notch “.

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