Who Invented, Believe Or Did Garena Free Mobile Game Fire And Where Did It?

 arena of free fire

In these times where the gamer community has grown so much, phones have begun to give competition to consoles, one of the games that progress in the race is Garena Free Fire.

Who invented created or made Garena Free Mobile Game Fire and where I made

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As one of the first of the company is no wonder that people have a growing curious about where it came from and who invented it .

That is why small this section will know everything about the game that is on the lips of many people, and has gone viral worldwide. Soon you will begin to play and invite friends to play with you Garena Free Fire!

Who invented Garena Free Fire?

This product is the work of a company called 111 dot, who were responsible for developing it, but really the company that was responsible for its global distribution was Garena.

This is a company based in South East Asia (Singapore to be specific), its foundation took place 11 years ago in 2009. It was founded by was and is currently its main head Forrest Lin who it is the CEO of the company .


The acronym of the company responsible for the game mean « Global » and of course « Arena «. They are a company of digital training which is mainly market is Southeast Asia.

Thanks to the great success of its title, have expanded their market to many more parts of the world (and one of its titles star Garena Free Fire).

 garena red badge

Please note that for the year 2015 its market value at the time was 2500 million, which is believed to have gone up a lot, considering that Free Fire was launched two years later ( the current figure is not known, but it is known or estimated to be greater).

Of course Garena Free Fire is the main reason for its current popularity, but I’m sure he did not know Garena, also responsible for the distribution of many other games

Through its platform are responsible for distributing to Latin America, a catalog of exclusive games, among the most prominent have a League of Legends and FIFA online. Therefore, obviously it is Garena Free Fire play on my PlayStation or Xbox game console.

But we also have some less popular and just as good as Alliance of Valient Arms or Arena of Valor. Garena only handles distribution in its sole have have two own titles.

Free Fire broke an unknown title Internet

Garena Free Fire was the first own title company (with its beta version released in November 2017 and its final version in December of the same year), Android devices remain in the first vote of the year 2018 (Most according to the popular Play Store).

If joined with data from the Apple store was the game with more downloads of the same year , standing on second position of Battle Royale with more downloads beating games like Fornite.

 shooting and running free fire

But if you just believe in words, just look at your data, in 2018 (his best year), Garena Free Fire managed the sum impressive 182 million downloads, and got a collection net of $ 19.3 million in revenue each month (a hit for any company).

Not content with this at present is estimated that Free Fire over 500 million users (still located at the top of world ranking of best games, which makes it more impressive for being a mobile game ).

When he left Garena Free Fire broke Internet during 2018 and in later years, the popularity gained today is being objects of memes, viral videos, tutorials, and contributing to the emergence of many content creators , who excel in mobile gaming.

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