Printing Label Shipments Easily Market Free Market

Do you use the Shipments Market Optional tool for your sales on the free market? We’ll teach you to print labels easily.

multiple platforms currently available for buying and selling online. Its uniqueness lies in the success of the opportunity to buy if you have to leave the house and sell without relying on a physical store. But if you have no experience to know how to sell products first free market.

The company Argentina Mercado Libre is an online platform where users can buy and sell new and used items. In addition to rent or private services.

The platform is present in many countries in America, it has gained popularity enough. We advise you to learn how to buy Mercado Libre. On the other hand, provides useful tools for buyers and sellers, which gives it more credibility.

Another advantage offered by the free market is mobile , available for iOS and Android, with which users can easily monitor their accounts.

What is the shipping market?

One of the tools offered by Free market is the market delivery . It is an alternative to sending and receiving products offered on the platform.

This alternative offers advantages for sellers and buyers of the platform. First, the client requesting this method of shipping can see significant savings in number of stock items at the same time as all you have to pay shipping.

The rates of these will be provided to the client before accepting the delivery method and, if accepted, it can be paid by the payment market.

In addition, you can to track purchases or sales Mercado free platform by using the identification number provided by the shipping market.

In addition, sellers will reduce the work of coordinating shipments, payment is made directly on the free market to customers. Thank you for this, the sole supplier will face the optimum product package and deliver it to the default location.

To have this service other delivery method can help speed the delivery, which will be reflected in the seller’s reputation. This, in turn, allows discounts up to 50% if the seller offers free shipping.

The money market products shipped to the shipping, will be available for withdrawal 5 days after delivery of new products and reputable sellers. If the product is used or a new seller, the money will be available 9 days after birth. In addition, once you receive the purchase is important qualify seller in Mercado Libre

To use this tool must be noted that Article Email must be paid by shipping companies and parcels. In addition, the service should be available to address to address shipping.

print shipping label market

When a seller has among its methods shipments buyer Shipments market and a request for the user to deliver a particular product, is expected to provide the necessary data on delivery and make payment directly corresponding with the free market .

Once the buyer the process is complete, the tool will generate a label with information about the customer and the product, the seller must incorporate the packaging article before making the discharge point.

To print this type of tag to your merchant account and enter the free Mercado Pago market area to enter details of the collection of the corresponding sale.

You can also make your cloud administrator by clicking the transaction ID corresponding to the sale.

Once there, click Follow the expedition . In the next window, you must display the message is ready to print the label and under the Print tab.


A click on this option, you can choose to print directly from your browser by selecting a printer connected to your computer or save it as PDF . The latter option is useful when you need to print more labels at a time.

Now we just have to hit the label to the article previously packed properly and take the discharge point to send.

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