What Are The Best Free Games For Android Mobile Without Internet?

 Best Free Games for Mobile Phones

Since you worked, and did chores around the home, work and other activities you had planned, There is nothing else to do! Or, maybe yes? It is always good that you dawdle and fun after you meet your secular activities.

An alternative fun and practical if you do not have much internet are free games for your Android phone that do not require internet connection. Do not you know what these are? You’re in luck, because today we’ll talk about ? What are the best free games for Android phones without Internet

Do they have any advantage the free games for Android phones without internet?

Perhaps this question is hanging around in your head, and that is, some people do not care called play games on your phone. But you find out you have a good time playing, you can relieve stress, relax and make you feel good.

This is because when you play video games, a substance is released in your brain that makes you feel good . Of course, anything in excess is good, but it is undeniable that playing a game on your cell phone you like for a long time will make you feel great.

On the other hand, games that do not require internet you can play anytime and wherever : public transport, whiles free at school or work, when traveling … Anyway you can enjoy your favorite games on the phone without the worry of having to connect to the Internet, even your cell data.

What are the best free games for Android phones without internet?

To make you more comfortable, then we show you some of the best free games for Android phones that can play without separate internet Categories . So you can find them more easily later. So, let’s start!

Action Games Adventure

Some of the best action games available for Android we can mention are: NOVA Legacy (FPSs, is one of the best games war), Temple run 2 (race endless), Subway Surfers (endless running game) and Ganstar Vegas (open world video game).

Play Minecraft from the phone without internet

We should also mention titles like Into the dead (zombie theme), Six-Guns: Dueling Bands (third-person open world) and Swamp Attack (action, adventure and shooting). All these do not require Internet when you play on your Android phone.

Among the names adventure games, we can mention: Minecraft (the game open world, construction, and even can install mods in Minecraft on your phone ), typoman Mobile (adventure, logic and strategy) and BADLAND (multiplayer game).

Sports games strategy and casual

Among the games with sports theme we can mention: Stickman Tennis (tennis game), Fishing Paradise 3D Free (fishing 3D) and PBA Bowling Challenge (bowling)


If you’re more of the strategic games , then you will like Defender II (shoot hordes of enemies) and Plants vs. Zombies ™ 2 (confrontation with zombies).

On the other hand, in the casual category, you might be interested in games like Candy Crush Saga (matching game, we recommend that you update this Android game to have the best options), Alto’s Odyssey (unlimited run), Ice Age Village (simulation and Dumb Ways to Die 2: the Games (resolver rapid tests.

Role Play and arcade

If loving you of RPGs, we can recommend: Pokémon Quest (action-adventure, single player), Soulcraft -Action RPG (action game) and ZENONIA® 5 (action and fantasy).

Fantastic some arcade games available to you for free are: Geometry Dash World (runner and musical), crossy road (action, multiplayer), Angry Birds Classic (video game strategy, action ), Jetpack Joyride (side scrolling game), Smash Hit (infinite career) and Fruit Ninja® (action game).

Play Geometry Dash from the cell

That’s all for today. We hope that this information will be useful when choosing which games for mobile Android without internet connection you will go down, and once you have them, you can improve performance easily. So you can spend pleasant moments of fun and games.

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