How To Improve Gaming Performance On Android Phones -Step By Step

The phone is definitely a great tool for society. Its multiple functions range from facilitating communication, organization and interaction with peers and family to help in banking transactions.

However, another thing that can also give us, is distraction and forms of minimize stress . There are many ideas that hold developers Applications to put in stores Android and Apple, tools to relax, meditate, train the brain and improve the quality of sleep.

Games never fail

Regardless of the universality of things you may have on your phone to distract your mind, something that never missing a phone (to the same as the apps, downloadable music and videos on your mobile ) are the games. Simple, complex, light or heavy, of any kind, of any category, meet to amuse and entertain its users.

 games are never lacking

The support by phone

Now, as they exist new ranges and designs of smartphones, games can be turned a little more demanding . Those who may suffer more consequences phones are low-medium range.

But all is not lost, as there are ways to optimize the performance of your mobile device . In this article you will learn some of these alternatives to improve the performance of your phone do not stay frozen in the moment summit of the game you are disputing.

What affects the operation?

Normally, problems related to development without flow of a game on mobile devices, have to do with the RAM .

There are traditional ways of try to clear using it , but can always be problems with applications running in the background.

Solutions app store

Among many options in store Google Play You can find several alternatives for improve the performance of the RAM your phone memory, however, here we recommend the favorites.

A favorite: Gaming Mode

downloadable application light, with 4.2 valuation it is one of the ideal applications for such situations. It has an easy to use interface, so explore and learn its functionality is not a difficult task.

  1. Enter the application settings.
  2. Enable Global Settings .
  3. Click on the section Close background applications .
  4. Enable the option and grant the relevant permits.
  5. Settings to optimize

    can also display a bar in which 3 levels are noticeable: Basic , Moderate and Aggressive . This is to modify the scope and intensity that may have application in optimizing your phone. It is advisable to slide aggressive option.

    Similarly, you can make exceptions if important to consider running a background application, you also have options to deny or allow calls, change volume, among many other tools so that your experience the game is the best .

    Special attention to your favorite games

    Similarly, Gaming Mode provides you add the games you want to operate the application, from online games to one of best games offline you have installed on your phone. If you have 2 or 3 games but show problems into one, select the application you can optimize your phone when you run that particular game.

     your favorite games

    GameTurbo for Xiaomi

    Among the other alternatives that are equally interesting, is Game Turbo . This is a special application for devices Xiaomi and offers quite interesting tools which, in addition to similar to Gaming Mode , allows, among other things, improve the responsiveness of the touch and optimize performance network connection.

    SuperB Cleaner Android

    Similarly, SuperB Cleaner not only helps improve your device time to play but in general. Speeds up to 50% RAM of your smartphone and extend the lifetime of your battery.

    Gamer GLTool for demanding

    If you love those games with extraordinary graphics but that, in turn, demand a high percentage of the performance of the GPU and RAM of your mobile phone, this is the ideal tool for you. With over a million installations and a rating of 4.3/5, this app entertains your gamer experience. It can increase and improve graphics in Android games easily.

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