How to upgrade to latest firmware version Nintendo DS

This may be you I seem a little strange but some consoles portable game can be updated when they are connected to the Internet. It is a necessary process in some devices so they can run smoothly and without having to create an account . And so you have clear this new knowledge, we will show how to upgrade to the latest version of Nintendo DS firmware.

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As I mentioned it is necessary to update the firmware of DS consoles, especially to play some games. But also it allows some patches are made to repair errors . As well as adding new features to your device and to prevent the use of pirated software and this process does not usually last more than a couple of minutes.

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Then we’re going to name and list the simple steps you must perform to upgrade to its latest version the Nintendo DS firmware . Knowing how to perform these   video functions in our consoles is important, both as learning to connect a   video game console   HDMI monitor to a PC.

How to upgrade to the latest version of Nintendo DS firmware

Let’s start this tutorial interesting that will explain how easy it is.   upgrade to the latest version firmware Nintendo DS and is very similar to the procedure performed with the Nintendo Switch and first   we   internet connect our device.

And we’re not going to do through an Ethernet cable, if not through a wireless access so it is not necessary to use annoying cables.

And to achieve this, go to our Nintendo DS and find the home screen and select the icon shaped wrench.

This action will generate a menu from which we will select Internet . Then we will choose Connection Options, and finally select one that you appear in Connection 1.

Steps to   upgrade to the latest version of Nintendo DS firmware

The next step is to click on the Find an access point , now automatically Nintendo DS will search any existing wireless connection.

But if you want you can perform this step manually. Once you have established the connection and have internet access can make the next step of update the firmware.

Now the next step is to go back to the main menu system options and now you will click on the number four is in the upper right corner.

After this going to select the Update System . Now you must wait for the console perform a check on the existence of an update is available.


If indeed you the update is indicated on the screen and you press the next option. It will continue the process and time will show to the OK option, which you press.

Then you press again OK and will begin updating the firmware. The next step is to wait patiently for the process to finish the console will indicate completion.

It is important that during this process of updating firmware, do not turn off the game console or the network connection is interrupted.

Otherwise you lose the whole process you have the Update and you’ll have to start again.   It is also important to know that only the firmware is updated if an update is available.

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Every time you connect to the network and there is Update available the Nintendo DS will ask you to upgrade the system. In case you have in your possession an original Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS lite, you will not be prompted to update the firmware, because it is not necessary.

If you’ve come to realize, is very simple and quick to perform this upgrade your video game console, as long as it needs it. And you learned simple steps how to upgrade to the latest version of Nintendo DS firmware.  

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