How To Play Pc Games With High-End Android With Gforce Now

The world of video game streaming platform has been interesting since, as a new player appears to battle which is GeForce Now . The same could be regarded as the direct competitor to Google stadia , this platform It provides the highest quality games. Therefore it is not necessary to have a PC.

No need other equipment to enjoy a maximum level in the game, this platform has great power. Since it has nine servers that are distributed between the US and Europe, because they can be played on Android, Mac and PC with a resolution of 1,080 pixels.

It should be noted that resolution and performance may vary depending on the stability of the connection is taken. In addition, it features Ray Tracing technology for more realistic images.

GeForce Now lets you play high-end games on Android

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First to play with GeForce should consider downloading the application from your device, go to Play Store and download « NVIDIA GeForce NOW «. Once you download will open, you must register on the platform, you can join through Facebook or Gmail if you want.

 Store NVIDIA GeForce

Once you find yourself in, you can enter the settings and choose «quality sequence» to adjust the use of megabytes per second. Therefore you select «wifi and mobile» You can also try internet connection to determine whether it is stable.

Then you will see the main window where you can see the diversity of games, you can select your preference and then download it. You can also click on the play , then Allow and then press Continue In the event that you will be prompted for a command. If you find yourself playing through your mobile data.

You can also log in with Facebook if you want, then you can play but it is recommended to have a good internet connection. Also you can connect controls if you prefer. At the same time it should be noted that the Android device only fulfills the function of project the game on your screen , since it can run on thanks to the streaming server.

Also, if you want to play comfortably can fully make use of a keyboard and mouse, since being not used to playing by touching a screen can have complications.

It also should be mentioned that no need to implement these physical controls in all games but those who requieras; as some are simple you will not have difficulties. So if you wish, you can connect the PS4 to your device and   This should give you a better performance.

GeForce Now is available for Android with quality games


Also you have at all times a good internet connection. Since The program performs a test before starting the game to see if it is suitable for play on the device or not.

Together Nvidia believes that users should have games purchased through a store that supports it as Uplay.

It is important that you enter the settings for each game if you want to improve the performance of the same. So play from your Android device if possible , although it may be a bit difficult to adjust to playing on the screen but practice will allow you to play with time as an expert.

In addition, you can enjoy one of the games that are available for Android, since many of those who enjoy on your PC not to be found. &Nbsp; At the least it is on the list, but GeForce is a great application and has very good features and innovations.

Ultimately each of these games feature high quality, and if jugaras from your PC, you can enjoy the best versions from your mobile device.

Finally, we hope this article has helped him help. However, we like to know your opinion, you have been able to play PC games on high-end Android with GForce NOW? Leave your answer in the comments.

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