Beaming Games From The Pc To A Smart Tv Or Mobile Device

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If you want to reflect the content of a computer or a mobile phone into a Smart TV with a cable or HDMI MHL can turn your PC or your phone into a TV box.

TV Box is a very small device which can connect on TV through the HDMI port . This box will allow you to connect to the Google platform «Google Play» and you can download applications for series, TV shows or movies like Netflix.

If you purchase a Cable MHL can play the entire contents of your phone on a TV screen. Will achieve visible from videos and play games, you can also view applications that you run on your smartphone. And you did not need and TV Box.

How to transmit video games from the PC to a Smart TV?

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stream games from the PC to a Smart TV wirelessly, you must install some software that allows you to use the HDMI technology, without using a cable. Here we mention one of them:

Steam Link (beta) , this app it is available on devices with Android tv or in some Samsung TVs with tips operating system. On a PC you need to download an application called Steam.

What is Steam?

Steam is a game store and from your application can buy a variety of games and you can also reflect games on your Smart TV.

How to configure Steam on PC?

After you download and install the Steam program on a PC have to know that to reflect the game you want on your TV you’ll need to add it to the library of Steam games.

You’ll have to give the Add button and select «Add a game that is not Steam» after you locate the must play press the button «Add selected» and ready.

It is always important that the application is open on the PC.

How to configure the Smart TV Steam?

To configure Steam in the Smart TV should automatically open the application and your computer will appear. After selecting, you will see a code you must write quickly on your computer.

If your Smart TV is not such a modern model of all do not worry, you can use a HDMI Cable . All you have to do is connect a computer and a TV with cable and you can watch your games.

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How to transmit video games from a mobile device to a Smart TV?

Once have at your disposal a cable MHL , can connect a phone to a Smart TV to begin broadcasting video games.

It is important that your TV has HDMI and USB inputs, if your TV has only one HDMI input only need a power supply to connect.

At the time you buy the MHL Cable must look out if it is compatible with mobile want to connect the Smart TV, mostly in the case containing that information. The connection is simple .

  • The first step you should do is connect the micro USB cable mobile
  • The second step is to connect the HDMI port to the HDMI of the Smart TV
  • The third step you should do is to connect the port USB to your TV. If your TV does not have a USB input you must use a power source to power the circuit.

In some cases is not connected necessary USB cable and this will verify only connecting the micro USB port on your phone and the HDMI cable to the TV and test whether the video is reflected and if listen to the audio on your TV.

port hdmi inputs

What is a HDMI port


An HDMI cable is one that you can connect one computer to another to transmit audio and video uncompressed.

What is an input HDMI


It is an entry with some devices, which allows you to connect the HDMI cable, to transmit audio and video.

What you are a MHL cable?

MHL is a cable you can transmit videos and images with a quality of 1080p and 192 kHz, a mobile or tablet to screen a Smart TV. The cable has a USB port, a micro USB port and an HDMI port.

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