Activating The Hidden Games On Your Android No Other Application

 Enable Hidden Games on your Android no other application

smartphone have been the ally par excellence of many people around the world, as it facilitates communication between several people, regardless of distance. Streamline allow working times both professional and educational background.

It may be considered as an essential tool in today’s society. And as much as you think you know, there’s always something extra about your device desconozcas surely as the secret codes cell.

Hidden Activating Games on your Android No Other Application

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Games in app stores

Something that should never miss in your phone is a game that allows you to clear your mind at the least for a few minutes. In the application store Googl and Play find an incredible variety of games in different categories .

 games in the app stores

Browse all categories and find the ideal game for you can sometimes become difficult … with so many options, how do you choose just one?

Memory Problems

However, not all have the ability to have the least 1 of the best games offline on your device , probably due to problems of internal storage. And although there are other options for memory devices to the phone, they can make games not run optimally.

Elements surprises

But all is not lost. It turns out, if you count with a mobile device whose Android version 6 or higher , you can have games without downloading anything.

Surely you ask How could that be possible … maybe’ve reviewed your phone a few times to verify that indeed, you do not have any games on it.

What you probably do not know, is that Google, for several years now, has left some surprises for users on mobile devices. hidden games

How to find the hidden Android games?

Finding them is really as simple , you’ve probably had the option to get it front of your nose without even having any idea of ​​it. Best of all, as noted above, is that you do not need any application to unlock or activate them. So just follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the configuration of the device.
  • Enter section device information.
  • In the Android version option, repeatedly press so that, in this way, to enter the hidden game of your device.

 find the hidden games Android

What has been hidden games Android?

It is important to note that these games will vary according to the version of Android you have in your mobile phone. Some of the games that have been incorporated are:

  • Flappy Droid : After Flappy Bird always remembered that left many interesting things since he was removed from the app store by its developer, Google put devised an adaptation to that game. Available for versions of Android Marshmallow and Lollipop.
  • Adopt cats : The substitute Flappy Droid is this exclusive Nougat game for the Android version. The game gives you the necessary for your cat to take care of tools. Similarly, it will vibrate every time you have a new pet on your device.
  • Android Paint : Another game quite peculiar and striking. Forcing paint to paint through the circles that appear on your screen. The game is a little difficult to master, but with a little patience, you will find the trick. This game is available for Android Pie version.
  • Google Puzzle : Available for Android 10 devices, this game is based on the union of the numbers 1 and 0 … but not exactly to form a 10. The numbers will move around the screen and the goal is to remain number 1 in the number 0, forming a kind of letter Q. at the time you make it, the display will change and complexity will increase.
  • T-Rex Game : This could label it as a bonus track, because it is not really a game hidden inside the versions of Android, but if you’re looking for one entertained without the need for downloads and, moreover, it is offline, this is ideal.Disponible not only mobile phones but also on computers using Google Chrome. Help this dinosaur to overcome the obstacles that arise along the way.

If these games have not been to your liking, you can also learn how to download apps, games, music, free movies from the Android Play Store on our website.

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