What Other Companies There How To Bring Me Food Glover?

 Application and delivery

delivery companies every day become popular because people prefer order your food from the comfort of your home and able to share with friends, family or partner while doing some activity like playing video games or board games or enjoy a good movie.

What Other Companies no way Glover bring me food?

In these days of quarantine, where you have to avoid leaving home, is great to know companies that can bring us food. Among the companies delivery highlights of the world can find Glover.

The well-known company has branches in different countries of the world and each of them has its deliverers who are ready to take your order, go to the food establishment and make delivery at your doorstep.

However, not only highlights Glover as delivery company . If you are looking for alternatives, in the following article mention What other companies there that can take as Glover food to your home.

Uber Eats

The company known taxi service, now has joined the boom in orders takeout. In his catalog there are a lot of restaurants and fast food chains, among which we can highlight Subway, Papa John’s and many more.

 Mobile Application uber eats

Best of all is that it offers different payment methods to make life easier. We can pay by credit or debit card and even Paypal.

It is very easy to order food at Uber Eats. Simply enter the app and find the restaurant of your choice, apply for order and ready. Within minutes you’ll have your food at your doorstep. Notably can see the route your order in real time.


This Colombian company dedicated to sending orders by bicycle. It has branches in countries like Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Rappi is associated with most restaurants do not offer delivery service, so you can order what you cause.

In addition, Rappi offers discount coupons to encourage users to use the application. Also, from time to time, Rappi make offers on its services which makes it very appealing alternative for users.

Best of all is that not only can order food as with Rappi can order anything from products and food, to medicines and first aid.


Another application most known and used in the food industry at home. Its geolocation feature to find restaurants near your location partners to ensure delivery over a period of no longer than 30 minutes.

A the same as Rappi with Deliveroo can track the route of your order in real time. As for the means of payment, you can do with card or through Google Pay.

Just Eat

This is a great alternative to Glover as it is dedicated solely to the food service at home and in its catalog, has more than 9000 partner restaurants , so the presence of various ensures no matter where you are.

Among the different types of restaurants and food establishments can find Chinese food, burgers, sushi, Italian, Mexican and so long.

 Mobile ordering a burger

Just Eat, along with Glover is the app food delivery most commonly used in Spain for the good service offered and the payment facilities among which include payment cash card or through Paypal.


Another good alternative not only to order food but any kind of products ranging from medicine and pharmacy products, to pet food and related products.

Its main feature is the ability to order anything and the speed of delivery of products, where you can see the route your order in real time.

To make an order only have to access the app, select the local , you add your products to the cart and then give the address   your home.


The largest chain of fast food in the world has its app indicating its product portfolio and multiple offers and can order delivery through the McDelivery .

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