Changing The Gmail Language Setting To Spanish

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If the Gmail you enter appears in another language, then you wonder what should I do? ¿ Open another account; in this post you will learn to how to change the language settings of Gmail with just a few steps.

Changing the language setting to Spanish Gmail

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How to change the language settings in Gmail?

  • On the PC:

  1. You must open your Gmail account.
  2. Go to «Settings» and click on that option. (You can find this option in the upper right corner below the photo of your own, with a gear icon).
  3. In the deployed a small menu, find the «Settings» and click (is the third option in that menu).
  4. will open a new tab and the «General» section, find the «Language» (this is the first option that tab).
  5. Find the «Display language of Gmail ‘, where you will find a menu with a variety of languages ​​available in Gmail including Spanish (Gmail lets you choose between Spanish European and Latin American).
  6. Choose the desired language by clicking on it.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click the ‘Save Changes’ button to your Gmail account is changed automatically.
  8. If you do not automatically change the language of your account, you’ll have to reload the browser so you can visualize changes in your account.

    gmail language options

    • Android:

    1. Open the Gmail application .
    2. Click the «Adjustment» this with the icon of a gear.
    3. Click «General Administration» and select ‘Language & input’ .
    4. Now you must choose the «Language» , and choose preferred looking dragging it to the top of the list the language.
      • iPhone

      To change the language in the Gmail application must change the language of the phone.

      1. Go to «Settings» .
      2. and select «General» , then «Language and Region» .
      3. Now you must choose «Language of the iPhone ‘and select the language you prefer for your Gmail account.
      4. To save the changes press «Ready» .
      5. Note that if you follow these steps on your iPhone will change the language of all the apps you have on your device.

        But if what you want is composing an email in a specific language, without having to change settings for Gmail language, it is possible by following a few simple steps that offers Gmail.

        How to configure Gmail to write in another language?

         gmail Consignee

        Introduction text is the tool that enables Gmail to write in other languages, this tool is available special keyboards that allow you to write in the language you want. You must be present this single tool you can use from your PC, so close your account on your phone because in the Android app or iPhone is not possible to use it.

        1. Open your Gmail account.
        2. Click «Settings» , find option under the photo of your account with a gear icon.
        3. In the deployed that menu click «Settings» .
        4. In the «Language» option, look for the ‘Enable input tools text « and check the box that is on the left side.
        5. Then you go to «Edit tools» and click; (This option is blue under Enable input tools).
        6. A window opens with a list of languages, click the language you need and the type of keyboard that you used. At the click language sharecropper on the right side of this window.
        7. Now you must press the ‘Ok’ button and the window will disappear, taking you to the previous tab.
        8. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the «Save Changes» button.
        9. To use the language chosen in your email, you must follow these steps:

          1. Go to the inbox.
          2. From the left side of the icon sprocket ( Settings ), find the language icon, click the arrow on this icon you display all the available options, you need to click in the language you chose above.
          3. Start writing your mail.
          4. Gmail is one of the tools currently used because it allows you to send free mail to all kinds of people anywhere in the world; Thus, Gmail for every user can have confidential information in your account; So take steps to your Gmail account safer and prevent intruders.

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