How To Create And Configure An Email With Your Own Domain In Gmail? -Fast And Easy

 Create mail Gmail

A creating an email with your own domain in Gmail can configure email accounts own domains housed in a hosting to work you store emails when hosting space is limited. Create and configure an email with your own domain in Gmail is easy and fast, and this article will show you how.

Advantages of managing accounts with your own domain in Gmail

There are many advantages, but this time highlight four:

  • Save hosting space.
  • You can configure up to five mail accounts one or more domains in Gmail.
  • You can send and receive emails of domains configured accounts from Gmail.
  • A being not installed on any computer, you can access them anywhere from any device. This way you always have at your disposal all the information you need.

How to Create an account email with your own domain in Gmail

The first thing to do is open the search with Gmail previously created account. If you do not, take the opportunity to create a Gmail email account before continuing. to create the external account you have to go to Options and click on Settings/Accounts and Import.

You must make two different configurations: one to receive emails from external server and another to use the mail or new domain to send information to your clients or acquaintances, without the Gmail default one


Set mail with your own domain

set the query mails from other accounts , you give click Add a mail account. It will open a window where you must enter the email you want to use and click on Next.

You’ll see two options; choose import all emails you have on the server again and press Next . In the window that opens then you must record the data connection. It is possible to locate the hosting.

The next step is to place in the search Post then click the option das Email accounts. In this way you will have access to information necessary to create new accounts. At the bottom left of the page you can view the accounts that are already created and, within them, notice that each has its configuration.

If you want to add all Gmail accounts, you have to go to settings each doing the same process. In each account you have several options. Customers must install e-mail. If not at first, press the plus button to locate the option in question. This section can use manual configuration to select:

  1. Settings certain SS/TLS (Recommended)
  2. & nbsp different configuration; SSL (not recommended)
  3. Choose the first option. You will achieve obtain data related to the server and incoming mail server.

    On the server incoming find *** the data POP where you configure Gmail to receive the mail. And the mail server that sends us SMTP data *** will help us use our domain from Gmail to send mail.

    mail Gmail

    The first thing you need to input the data is copied *** POP user name, password and mail server. The password is the one you placed in your mailbox when you created; If you do not remember you can always recover your Gmail password easily. A then enters the username and password for the SMTP data ***. To do this you fit in incoming server. Then place the corresponding POP data ***.

    The same data you find your signed previously. You’ll notice some extra options you will have to assess whether active or not. A Giving Add Account , will be displayed with Gmail for your domain emails.

    If you want to put Send mail as (the default mail), you will receive a request for a verification code. That code will send it to the email account you set up. You only need to enter your Gmail account, locate the confirmation code, copy and paste where request.

    You saw how easy it is to set up an email with your own domain in Gmail, so do not expect more and go try it. Once you have, you can try all the tricks to know if you’ve read the mail sent via Gmail.

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