How To Make An Email Or Mail Arrives To A Specific Folder In Gmail

gmail mail folder

Gmail email is probably the most used in the world because it belongs to the family of Google applications. Today must have an email either to enroll in college, to open a bank account, to create a website. In order to practically all necessary and if we use this famous email you show that you do to an email or mail arrives to a specific folder in Gmail.

How to Make an Email or mail arrives to a specific folder in gmail

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Gmail offers you many options that allow you to organize your inbox mails by category . If you are one of those people who receive a large flow of messages and need to lead an organization that significantly increase your productivity. This tutorial You fall Pearl and though you do not believe, this setup is very easy to do

What we need to make us an email or mail arrives to a specific folder in Gmail is to create filters or labels to pass such messages from the Inbox to that corresponding folder. And so in this way in order to have our href=»»> Gmail , so you can see the folders that most interested me at any given time.

 gmail folder

How do to an email or mail arrives to a specific folder in Gmail

It is very important that before create filters or labels an email or mail arrives a specific folder in Gmail is precisely this create folders. Each folder must carry the specific name of emails that will hold. Whether for college, work, friends of the bank, etc.

When you perform this action will prevent mails remain on the Inbox and skip to have labeled folder. To do this, we will perform first creating a folder. For that you must enter your Gmail and on the left side of the screen and you can find options to select the choice.

A the do this is to display a menu with different options it’ll select the Create new . To do that clip on it, then appears on the screen a window for you to put the name of the folder you are creating. When you placed the Name you must go to the Create and make clip.

This way you will already have created a folder with a name and here came all emails that have to do with this name. The same operation must be performed, to create new folders and can in each receive emails then we will filter . For that we will take the next step.

Creating filters to make the mail arrives to a specific folder in Gmail

Then you already have all the folders created by its specific name we will go Create filters , this will do as follows. First you’re going to lead the top of your inbox entries and you select the Create Filter. This action will take a new window.

Then in this window you’ll put that e want to enter directly into this specific folder . You must use keywords or simply if you put in the bank the name of the bank and then you create clip. And so you will have established a filter or label to this folder and there will come directly mails that meet the parameters you set.


The same process what to make with all folders and may have a filter or label for each folder. And so you learn do to an email or mail arrives to a specific folder in Gmail . A very easy way and maintaining order in the arrival of your emails so you can view them better.

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