How To Tell If Someone Has Read An Email In Gmail

 know if anyone has read an email in Gmail

We always want to be the aware that information we’ve sent be received and read correctly; as is the case with the different social networks like WhatsApp, Messenger, among others, always they have a check so that we know that you got the information to the person and double when seen; Now, how do you know if someone has read an email in Gmail? Find out how to do it.

How to know if anyone has read a mail in Gmail

read confirmation mail

Gmail itself can give you this option read confirmation, but not all types of accounts. For example, when send a mass mailing and customized Gmail , this option read confirmation is not active. However, when you send emails to the accounts work or schools (if you have such accounts); you can enable this option with simple steps that we show below.

 receive emails
The first thing you do in your device is open Gmail, put write an e , in the part of lower right you go to the Options and select request confirmation reading ; these confirmations see them on the tab received. But remember that these confirmations may have to hope that others approve them. In fact, the option to know if an email was read Hotmail, it is also available.

On the other hand, you may want to create a corporate email Gmail for Business so we can have a control on receiving emails sent to your customers; Gmail it also gives you that option. But what if what you account is an account Gmail common. Here we show you what you can do.

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Install extensions needed to know if anyone has read an email in Gmail

As for common accounts, Gmail does not offer these options, you can install on your PC or on your device extensions or applications to see if the person has seen the mail; Here are the most popular .

  • The first is Boomerang for Gmail, that offers many options and tools for your Gmail; one of them is that tracks mail sent, but keep in mind that notifies the other user; In addition to this extension, you’ll want to schedule when an email, or sending a reminder is sent response.
  • The second option is Bananatag, is also an application to track whether your emails are received and read; Go to 5 emails a day.
  • And last extension is MailTrack, one of the most used applications and recommended by customers Gmail, since as do the other messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger, you’ll also shows when the mail was received and read, marking a check or double check green; In addition to this extension can see what time the message was opened and how many times was open.

How to install these extensions quickly and easily

To install any extension in the Chrome browser, you’ll need to activate the new menu Google Chrome Extensions and then you go to the drop-down menu at the top right, then choose the option to settings then choose the tab extensions and more extensions where you will open a link to the Chrome web Store, where you appear all extensions already described above.

 MailTrack extension

Then, the select the extension you want to step on the Add to Chrome and then a window where you give to You appear to add extension ; then take you to a window where you’ll click on the only button connect to Google to connect the extension with your email Gmail.

Finally, the next time you open your mail press allow the extension to operate; And in the upper right corner you will see the logo of the extension you just installed.

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With these practical and simple tricks can discover how to verify that your emails are received correctly and if the user who sent them’ve seen, and even how many times it has done; can Select the extension that best suits to your needs. If you liked this, you can leave your comments and suggestions in the end.

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