How To Schedule Sending An Email Through Gmail?

If you know how to use properly, can program sending a mail through Gmail, is a useful setting for users.

In some work and study centers, the situation in which certain information is presented should be sent to a date and time specific .

How to Set sending a mail through Gmail

time to create an email account in Gmail warrant access to one of < a href = ""> the best products that Google offers. Its use has now expanded.

For this, the user had to be aware not to forget generate and Send mail. Scenario that is not always possible, and it is quite tedious and impractical .

Well, the above is no longer necessary because Gmail has a configuration in which you can program the desired shipment. It is little known, but it is a amazing tool .

Learn to program sending mail

send an email as an attachment in Gmail is more difficult than the premise of this tutorial. Do not worry, you’ll make it brief within moments.

Before program , you should keep in mind that Gmail will like reference for the shipping time, the time zone of the user generated.

Similarly, a number limit message of this type is presented. So, only plan the office of one hundred (100) of these at once.


From a computer

The methodology varies according to the equipment being employed, so the steps from a computer, would be:

To plan the desired shipment, you must be logged on to use Gmail. After this, in the top left of the window, click “ Compose

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Then create and write the contents of the message, attaching files if necessary and placing the address to which you want to forward.

 program delivery

In the end, it seeks the button “ Send ” but do not press, yet. This is in the lower left area, and has a drop-down arrow. It is the latter is to be selected, to display the “ Schedule Shipping “which is identified with an arrow and a clock.

After pressing the access window will open programming sending . In which the parameters according to what you need or want & nbsp conform;. One thing to keep in mind is that as the date and time chosen, Gmail will not generate no dialogue confirmation, so you should be careful.

From an Android device

Thanks to the constant evolution of the platforms can also be programmed to send mail through Gmail application for Android . One must have the App and logged in the equipment in question, in order to play “ Compose ” in the bottom right.

A the same as in the previous method, is written with normal mail and culminating, you must click the “ More ” section, which is positioned top right. Finally, it will play “ Schedule delivery ” is configured as decided. And ready, Gmail will do the rest of the work.

 tips gmail

To view edit or delete emails scheduled.

If after performing programming, you need to check that everything is as it should be, modify it in some way or even cancel sending, Gmail can do this.

To do this from a computer, you should look for the tab “ Scheduled ” in the left menu. Within this, select the mail in question.

Then click “ Cancel sending ” in the upper right area of ​​the message. Thanks to this, emerge again creating tab Mail .. Now at this point, you can edit both content, and reprogram the date and time of sending

On the other hand, to do it from the mobile, the “ Scheduled ” and looking in the “ Cancel sending ” in the selected message. the content is modified and the changes are applied to convenience.

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In both cases, to eliminate shipping, just after pressing “ Cancel sending ” you can, although discard the message or save drafts for later.

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