How To Send A File Too Heavy For Gmail

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Since 2012, Gmail, the free email service company belonging to the product and internet related services, Google has implemented a new tool for, among other things, store and share large files. In this article you will learn to use this handy and useful resource and you’ll know how to send a big file by Gmail simple steps.

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In recent years, thousands of companies around the world have considered valuable and essential for communication and exchange of information between executives and other members of the email , the credit for this is due in part to the speed in which information arrives as it reaches its destination without intermediaries.

In the past, using Gmail as a tool to share information with others, most likely we find difficult and uncomfortable situation of having to rely on third parties to these, via a link in the mail, they could give the recipient access to the file you wanted to send, being the latter very heavy.

Thinking about the comfort of the many users of Gmail, has joined defaults to the toolbar of our interface the option to share large files via Google Drive , greater than 30 MB without having to install or search for alternative programs or services on the web.

Send files with Google Drive

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The first step to send our file will create an account for Google Drive and access to it, next thing we do is locate on the left side of our panel the “New” button and select it.

Then press the “Upload files” option so that, immediately afterwards, the information that we email Gmail will start saving.

At the end of the rise of the heavy file we enter our email account Gmail and we wrote a new message, we put the or recipients who will receive the file, the matter will try and message send, if the case warrants.

Before sending the email we place on our bottom menu bar attachment options, we press on the icon for Google Drive, represented as a triangle, and the browser appear then locate our file, select and be attached to our email, it only remains to press “Send” in the bar and go.

Advantages of sending heavy files with Google Drive

One of the biggest advantages we provide the tool Google Drive is undoubtedly freedom and comfort that gives us allowing us to send large files using only applications Google without having to upload the content pages of dubious origin and then insert a link to that page in our emails.

Send your files via Google Drive is not a task that remove us a long time, the rise time of the file to the Drive platform fully depend on the speed of our Internet , more However, once the file has been uploaded successfully process will be easy and fairly quick.

A using Google Drive to share a file with our partners, these may, from anywhere and at any time, have access to the content of it and work according to him, also do not depend on a computer, because all information is stored on your e-mail account on the Internet.

Finally, this new tool has a built-translator with more than 53 languages, and as a plus, you can view the files they send you from your mobile , if you do not find near your computer or want to work from the comfort of your couch.

There are many advantages of using Google Drive and our mail Gmail that allows us to add even contact form easy.

As you could notice, once again, Google makes life easier every day thinking about our needs and requirements creating new versatile tools .

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