How To Send A Video In An Email By Gmail From The Mobile

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Increasingly in the world, people use as a method of recurring communication accounts email as Gmail. This email address is listed by many as a excellent tool to use when I can get the most out of this medium. That is why almost all people in the world have a Gmail account .

How to Send a Video an email for Gmail from the mobile

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Its functionality and integrated tools make it easy to use, simple and fast, which is the favorite, according to different users on the network. Usually Gmail You can send and receive any e-mails and their tools are very practical if it comes to emails with large volume. And even this platform is used by many companies for much of their work and professional activities.

Based on this, it often happens that the videos are recorded from the mobile and sent in this way, usually need a little more attention to your recipient receives them correctly.

In order to carry out such action, it is possible to use multiple tools, which will help you during the shipment. However, all these files must pass obligatorily by the » cloud» so that the person receives only need to download the file and so you can enjoy it without much complication.

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Google Drive and use options

Google Drive is one of the most practical options we can find in the market. Your web hosting service over multiple media , has been widely accepted and praised by users on various social networks.

Within this tool, we can share from a very large file to the fact upload it to any other platform thanks to the ease of use offered by your mobile application. Whenever we introduce a file to this platform, we sent a link, which can share freely with those who want.

According to this, the contact to receive said web link , you can view and download the file you want from full way the device you want without any problem. Thanks to all Drive capacity can send files with a size of 5 TB weight.

However, the version offered so Free allows only a maximum of as much as 15GB of storage. For this reason, it is generally recommended that constantly certain amount of file is deleted after a certain amount of time, in order to have enough space to store other files that are equally important.

How large video sharing

  1. To begin, you alone select the file you want to send multimedia. To do this, you just have to enter your multimedia gallery and clicking the Options menu the video, there will appear a number of options for you to select from option « Send via »
  2. As one of the Google Drive options will appear, due to the size of the video. Press the option and redirected to another page.
  3. Here we see that we offer to attach the file to a Destination Folder , which will select and automatically it will take you to the next step
  4. Having said this attached video, we will share it from our Google Drive once there, we just right clicking on the file and select option ‘ Share ‘.
  5. Here we show some links that can send directly and which must be attached to the mail to be received by our target.
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    What should we consider?

    While this is a practical and fairly simple choice, depending on your Internet capability , will take some time for the system, upload and hurl the link. Before you make the sending of the link, it is necessary you to adjust the settings of your privacy, so only the person who receive that can link to see what you send.

    To do this, you just have to click ‘Change’ and after this select the « Anyone who has the link » option. And voila, your file is ready to be seen by the person you want.

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