How To Update Or Change My Account Email Google Adsense

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Since the boom that has generated different online platforms to make money through ads. There are thousands, users who try to build a future with the creation of their websites and then place advertising. Many of these tools are little known or at least do not know different settings. This article will show how to update or change the email from my account Google Adsense.

It is possible that some information that we deliver on this platform and multiple factors have changed. And one more is widening at the present time, it is the impersonation .

How to update or change the email from my Account Google AdSense

For this reason you should change your email address and now do not know how you can change this important information in your Google Adsense.

Already used to create tutorials that allow the development of your skills using the various virtual platforms. In a previous article, we show you how earn money and generate income with a website Google Adsense .

Now, if you already have an account on Google Adsense , but you want to update or change the email. And you do not find the way to do that, we ask you not despair. Since then we will teach you the simple steps that you must perform to replace these important data in your account, so let’s begin.

How to update or change the email from my account Google Adsense

Perform Update or change my account email Google Adsense is really a very easy process to do and here tell you how you can do it. First you must lead your Google Adsense account and you start meeting in the usual way. When you’re done, you should head to the left side of the window.

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 update email

There you will find a panel with different options and you select the Settings , making clip option, you will find other options from which to choose’ll Personal Settings. In entering into this section you must select the Edit option for that you do clip. Then you will find a section with the name information access.

And there you will find Edit Google account , this option must make clip, now just follow the steps the system will give to you make updating your login. It is very important to know that if the account you have in Google is Gmail, for you can not make any changes now.

The Gmail emails can not be changed in the accounts of Google Adsense

If, as you hear, you can not change the mail if this is Gmail , but you can send another invitation email and deliver licensed as administrator. So this way, you can enter the account using email different. But if you do not want to do this, so if your email is Gmail can not do anything to respect.

But otherwise, if your email not belong to Gmail, you will not have no problem changing it. As long as you follow the steps offered you in the front, sometimes this kind of problems that arise to log in using the email address, they are very simple to solve and we drown in a glass of water.

 change email

In this way we have done with this interesting tutorial , which addressed a problem that roughly speaking happens to many users.

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And that has to do with how to update or change the email from my account Google Adsense And what could you do, with simple steps here we show in this article..

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