What Are They And How To Create Multiple User Profiles In Google Chrome?


Google Chrome have many configurations that many go unnoticed, but they are really very useful. These configurations are multiple user profiles on Google Chrome, you many advantages. If you want to know, read on the subject  ? What are they and how to create multiple user profiles on Google Chrome

Of course, this browser is one of the most used around the world because it allows us to easily install extensions and can customize it as you want.

What are the profiles of multiple users in Google Chrome?


If you want a chance that separate your business from your daily life. Also, you have two Gmail accounts, Facebook, Outlook, among others, and see your different Accounts must log on to access another or use another browser.

If you and your family share the computer but want everyone has his space. Or if you simply want to use the same applications at once without closing the windows. In all these cases, there is something you can do that will improve your experience and your family with Chrome.

The solution is to create multiple user profiles in the Google Chrome browser. Then you can perform various actions to the same application without close a window or tab .

Also the affairs of each member of your family will be separated by personal accounts on a single computer. Thus, the profiles allow multiple users , you will have more order and comfort in the Chrome browser.

Now that you know where it comes from multiple profiles, touch users to learn to do on your PC profiles. In particular, before we recommend Google Chrome upgrade to the latest version no problems.

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How to create multiple user profiles in Google Chrome?

To start creating multiple user profiles in the Chrome browser, you will not need too long, with a few minutes is enough. The first thing to do, open the Chrome browser.

Once there, you find the Settings you click the Manage other users option. A window that shows the names of existing users to this day there is a button called Add Profile open.

Click on this, and then the name of the new User Profile and choose a default profile for that character. To complete the process, click Add, and then open a window where you can set the synchronization of bookmarks, extensions, passwords and history.

can also connect with the Google Account for this profile, so the account will be completely isolated from the main account. If you want to create more than one secondary profile, repeat the steps that we have taken and you will get the number of accounts you need for yourself or your family.

Access to other profiles, simply enter Google Chrome, click the icon of your profile and Section Other people may find other profiles. Click the profile you want to enter, then another tab where you browsed the profile selected open.

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Profile Delete multiple users

If after creating user profiles in Chrome, want to do without any of them, how to remove is very fast. What you need to do is, first access to Google Chrome on your computer.

Then click on the profile and select Manage Users and locate the profile or profiles to the delete option. The icon of the favorite profile, go to the More option, namely the three points and click on them. Click Delete this profile and will be completely removed the profile you have selected.

Note delete a profile multiple users both passwords, like history, bookmarks and other personalized settings will be removed next to the profile.

It is easy to learn in the Chrome browser to create profiles for multiple users , is not it ?. Well, with all the knowledge you have acquired in this regard Chrome profiles, when you think you are, you already know a lot about them, how they work and even how to get rid of them.

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