What Are The Best Extensions For Google Chrome Helpful?

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The use of Google Chrome extensions will surely greatly improve your experience the Internet surfing, here you will learn what are the best useful extensions for Google Chrome?

Undoubtedly one of the great news present in the browser Google , are called extensions. You can customize them to our taste the browser, there are even Chrome extensions to take advantage of Netflix , No doubts enable many new features and undeniably improving our productivity.

What are Google Chrome extensions?

Google Chrome is one of the major browsers today, operation is exceptional and integrates many features that were previously unthinkable for a browser. Among the most prominent features are extensions.

Chrome Extensions are small programs that can be obtained directly from the Google store, which will serve to countless different situations . Certainly there is no limit, because the truth is that the extensions extend the capabilities of the browser.

Wondering what the best extensions for Google Chrome, then you discuss some of the most useful you should consider now. Note that you can also enable extensions in incognito useful at times .without further ado, let’s continue.

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What are the best useful extensions for Google Chrome?

Google Chrome extensions are very useful if we use them properly, in any case, there are a few that might greatly improve your experience with the browser.

Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture is one of those very useful extensions that virtually all users should have. Most likely you’ve found yourself at the time you need to take a screenshot of a website unfortunately the functions of operating systems such as Windows are not as good, allowing only capture a portion of that page.

The extension seeks to solve this problem, making a complete capture from start to finish of the website where you are. Download Full Page Screen Capture extension works very simply, just press on it and capture the entire screen, you can then save the image in PNG or PDF format.

Cluster Free

No doubt the appearance of the tabs in our browsers greatly improved the way we interact with them. In any case, the disadvantage that often open several times the same page, accumulating space and memory on your computer arises.

Free Cluster is an extension designed just for close all those tabs duplicate . This extension will automatically detect when you try to open a page that is already on your lashes, closing immediately.

Bookmark Scanner

Bookmark Scanner is exactly what the name suggests, is a scanner marker, this little program analyze all the bookmarks you have saved in Google Chrome, locating those that direct closed pages and duplicates.

The advantages of this application is to analyze all the bookmarks you have saved and automatically help you select those that are duplicates or damaged to permanently delete them, the best way to organize your browser.

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Hover Zoom +

It is one of those extensions that greatly improve the user experience. Download Hover Zoom + and use it every time you drag the mouse over an image, the image after this will show larger screen .

The application will sort of zoom allowing closer look at a photograph, this is especially useful for those banks where many thumbnail images appear, as only passing your cursor over them you can see them better.

Google Translator (Google Translate)

Indeed, we can go directly to the translator of Google if we enter its official website. In any case, this small and simple extension means you can translate any text to select very easily.

To use this extension, only need to select a text, press right click on it and then clicking on the icon on the translator. In this way the system will automatically redirect you translate this text.

Now that we have presented some of the best extensions. It is important that you know check which extensions are slowing down Google Chrome because it is a relatively common problem of the browser.

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