How To Block Websites In The Google Chrome Browser?

Although the Internet is one of the best inventions of mankind, also has a dark side, it is for this reason that you should know How to block websites in the Google Chrome browser? , which is particularly useful to protect small home.

One way to protect content is not suitable activating the parental control in Windows 10 option that is available on many operating systems, in turn can use tools to block pages.

Blocking Websites in the Google Chrome browser?

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Certainly use a blocker pages in our browsers is a must in the case of cohabiting with children. Similarly, there are other situations where using these tools is recommended, if you have doubts about the read the following information.

What is the purpose of blocking pages in Google Chrome?

No doubt the Internet is a wonderful space in which abundant knowledge of all kinds. Gradually has become the most extraordinary tool for learn and interact with others, in any case, also has its negative aspects.

Indeed, although many good things, there are also more dangerous, especially for small home. It is for this reason that using a tool to block websites could be very useful .

If you want to be the outstanding care of their children, should also activate parental controls on Google Play Free or set parental control Android or iOS . Returning to the subject, please read the following tutorial to block pages in Chrome.

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How to block websites in the Google Chrome browser?

To block websites in Google Chrome will use the Site Blocker tool, a powerful extension with great features and easy to use. Read the following information to learn how to obtain and install it in your browser:

  1. The first thing to do is go to Google Chrome extensions shop. You can access it through the following link Blocker web pages.
  2. In the left side of the screen you’ll find the search extensions, there writes “ Site Blocker ” and press the “Enter” key.
  3. the results

  4. are displayed, you must download the application called Site Blocker, you can recognize it because its developer is Soli Software Inc.
  5. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button, a confirmation screen stating “ Do you want to install Site Blocker? ” Just click on add extension appear. After the above process will begin downloading the Site Blocker extension.
  6. Using Site Blocker application to block web sites

    Use the Site Blocker application is extremely easy, being one of the highlights of this useful tool. In any case, if you have questions regarding use, carefully read the following guide:

    1. Once you have fully downloaded the extension, will appear on your toolbar, you can recognize it by the small shield-shaped icon with a padlock in the center.
    2. To block a particular site in the simplest possible way, just should go to this website, clicking the extension icon and clicking on “ Block current site .”
    3. After performing the above procedure, each time someone tries to enter this web site, displayed a warning stating the following “ This site is blocked. Do not try to change it! “.
    4.  Site Blocker extension

      Unlock a website

      1. If you want to remove a website from the blocked list, only you need to set this in the options Site Blocker .
      2. To do this, just go to any website that is not blocked.
      3. There go to the extension icon, click on it.
      4. As you can see no other option at the bottom of name “ Manage blocked sites ” click here.
      5. The extension directed him towards the configuration options in the first “Block sites” section will display all those websites you have previously blocked.
      6. As you can see at the end of each of the blocked web pages there is an X, to unlock just press on it.
      7. As you can see, provides extension many configuration options, which can be locked on schedule, block by categories, block in the words (which is especially useful to protect our children), among others.

        For Mac users, you can also block a web page in the browser Safari and thus offer similar to that of the previous tutorial protection.

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