How I Can Change The Language Of The Google Chrome Browser Easily

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Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers on almost everyone. The reasons that have positioned as one of the best web browsers 2020 are many. Among them must be is a browser fast and with countless features .

How can I change the language Google Chrome Browser Easily

Similarly offers a simple interface and a wide variety of choices. For example, you can change the language with ease. But if you are from users who still do not know how to do, you’re in the right place

Because then explain step by step how you can change the language and Google Chrome browser . So we invite you to continue reading.

Change the language of the browser Google Chrome

The first thing to know is that Google Chrome browser is compatible on any device. Either on your computer, on Android, iPhone or iPad. This will increase your popularity and is the best thing in any of these operating systems functioning is wonderful.

However, when it comes to change the language of the web browser, everything can change. Since not all operating systems or devices have this feature . Until now it can only change the language of Windows 10 and Chromebooks.

However, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android can translate any page easily, but can not set the default language.

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Now, knowing this, it is important to note that this procedure is easy and fast . will not take long, so without further ado, let’s see how.

Steps to change the language of the browser Google Chrome

As mentioned above, this option is only compatible with Windows and Chromebooks .

  • The first thing to do is Open your browser Google Chrome
  • Then look in the upper right corner of the menu click (considering the three points that are on the corner)
  • Then select the option «Configure»
  • Once there, you a new window will appear with different alternatives
  • On the left side area locate and click ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Immediately will appear in the drop-down menu «Languages» Check this option

 google chrome capture settings

  • In this apparatus, click «Language»
  • Then select the three points (more shares)
  • Check the box «Show Google Chrome in this language»
  • Should not appear in the list the language you want to predetermine your browser, you must select the option «Add languages»

 google chrome language settings


  • In the language list will appear, you can check the boxes of your choice and finally, click «Add»
  • Quickly the languages ​​you’ve added appear in the list of languages ​​and finally be able to choose the one you want.

Translate web pages on Google Chrome

As has been emphasized from the beginning, you can not change the default language of the Google Chrome browser on some operating systems. However, if you can translate or change the language to a website in Google Chrome or can translate words from English to Spanish to the Chrome select them.

The procedure for translate a page is very simple , but keep in mind that this can vary depending on the device.

Translate websites Google Chrome from your computer

To do this, you must do the following:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Open a web page that is in another language other than the one your computer default.
  • Then, then right-click and select the «Translate to …» In this alternative the default language will appear
  • .

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  • Chrome translate the website immediately. However, when you log in again, you must re-translate.

Translate web pages from Google Chrome from Android

  • Open the app Google Chrome
  • Open a web page in a different language
  • At the bottom, the languages ​​will appear that can translate it. Click the language you want.
  • If the language you want, click does not appear on «more» that is, in the three dots on the bottom and then select «More languages» Choose your preferred
  • And quickly the page will be translated.

Finally, we hope this post has been helpful to him. However, we would like to know your answers Have you been able to change the language of your Google Chrome browser? Do you know another method to change or translate the language?

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