Changing The Location Of The Default Download Folder In Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is the most used web browser today. Among its best features are its minimalist design and the fact that you can accelerate or increase the speed of navigation maximum. Thanks to details like these, millions of users around the world use it daily. Consequently, are million downloads a day . If you’re not careful, this can bring some problems. So in this article you learn how to change the location of the default download folder in Google Chrome both your PC and your mobile device. That way, you’ll have all your personal information well organized.

Changing the location of the Downloads folder by default Google Chrome

How to change the location of the default download folder in Google Chrome

All web browsers, including Chrome, come with a default download folder. This folder contains all the files that you download are stored, whether videos, images, applications or documents. is, we’ll have all your downloads in one place.

And though I said that sounds way as an advantage, the problem arises when we downloaded many files to this folder begins to fill, and we occasionally difficult to find what we have downloaded from the web. Luckily, there is a way to change the download folder of Google Chrome on our PC.

 Relocating the download folder Chrome

  • The first thing to do is to click on the tab “ Customize and control Google Chrome ” of Chrome. We can access, placing in the top right of the browser, where the three points are located. Or failing that, we can write chrome: // settings/ in the search box
  • .

  • We will show different configuration options. In the final part of the window, you see the option “ Advanced Settings’ . Will click there.
  • In the new window that opens, under the section “ Downloads> , you’ll see the option that will allow you to change the location of the files you download.
  • Only you must click on the option that says “ Change “. And ready. Then, there is only select or create a new folder, which will download the new route. From there, all the files you download are stored in this folder.

On the other hand, you can also view the history of files downloaded from Google Chrome . Thus, chronologically you will see all the information you have downloaded from the browser.

Set Google Chrome to ask us where we want to save a downloaded file

If you users who like to keep them all the information on the hard drive in complete order, then probably the idea of ​​having all downloaded files in a single folder, fails to convince. But one of the useful features of this browser is that we can activate an option that asks us where we want to save a file before you download it.

Doing so is very easy. All we do is go back to the download section above. Just below the section where we change the download path, we will see an option that says “ Ask where to save each file before you download it “.

We just have flip the switch that appears to the right . In this way, the browser will ask you where you want to save the file you want to download. Another useful feature is that you can limit the speed of download Google Chrome for the entire bandwidth your network does not stay busy.

How to change the location of the default download folder in Google Chrome on Android

A the same as in our PC, surely our favorite browser on your mobile device is Google Chrome . So it is very likely that much of the information on your phone as music, pictures, videos among other files from this browser download it.

 Folder blank with minimal look

The problem is that almost always, this folder occupies much space in the internal memory , to the point of filling it completely. To do this is very simple


In Google Chrome application headed to “ Settings’ , and select the” Downloads> option. There we will have the option to change the default folder, to a folder on the SD card. Or we can choose where we want to let you save a file before you download it. Another option would be install a Chrome extension on your mobile to help you manage the downloads make.

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