How To Remove Or Clean The Cookies And Cache Of A Website In Google Chrome

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Surely notices on different occasions have accepted cookies, without even reading them. Disregarding that to the build up this information on your computer, you can bring consequences or your PC problems. The same happens with your browser cache.

Surely if you experienced a similar situation have recommended you erase the cache and cookies stored on Google Chrome. But if you do not yet know exactly referred to this term, do not worry because here we will explain they are and how delete cookies and cache a web page from Google Chrome .

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Deleting or clear cookies and cache a web page in Google Chrome

What are cookies?

First, it is important to become familiar with this term. To do this, I recommend learn what they are, what they are cookies and how they work in web pages.

So the first thing to know is that when we talk about cookies, referring to data packets that are sent to the web browser from the main pages you visit.

Using these packages or fragments stored information activity you do on different websites. For example, passwords, names, website preferences, among others.

On the other hand, it is good to emphasize that there are different types of cookies and each has its own way of behaving. Some are apt to be removed automatically, as soon as the windows in which these sailing is closed. Other store information on the hard drive until they expire or delete them, so it is important to clear the cache and cookies on my Android browser.

What it is the cache?

This term refers to data is temporarily stored in the system . It allows data storage on a system more organized. In this way, it has the specific function, save data temporarily and accessible only to be required by the system, to make certain activities.

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It should be emphasized that the cache stores data in a website , in order that if you revisit the images and information about it is loaded more easily and quickly.

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Why should I Clear cache and cookies?

Although both terms play an important operation when navigating on a website, it is essential to frequently remove them. The reasons for this are many. It also gives best performance results of our teams , either a computer or a smartphone.

Normally when you use a browser, it is responsible for saving the cookies in the cache. Should this information accumulates in excess, can cause problems on your computer. Therefore, it is preferable to clean frequently.

Another of the things we must take into account when making this type of cleaning is so we can protect our privacy , and if you have Mozilla can improve security and privacy of the Firefox browser.

Steps to remove or clear the cookies and cache of a website in Google Chrome

Make cleaning or delete cookies and cache from a web page in your browser Google Chrome is a really simple process. Well here we will tell you how to do without it take a long time. So carefully follow these instructions:

  • Open the browser Google Chrome
  • Next, you must go to the upper right and make click the option more , which has a three-point item.
  • Once there, a menu appears with several options. Select where it says «Settings» A new tab will open with many options
  • .

  • select «Privacy and security» in the right index.
  • Then, we chose the second option that says «Settings website»
  • to do then click «Cookies and site data»
  • then select the option «View all cookies and data from websites’

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  • Once in these options we will all pages that have data and cookies on your computer.
  • If we remove, we just click the trash and go.

Finally, we hope this post has helped him help. However, we would like to know your opinion Do you think that is important to delete cookies and cache? has been delete cookies and cache by following these steps? Leave your answers in the comments.

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